best place to start for wigs??

I know a couple of you have mentioned that you may buy a wig beforehand to be prepared, have you found anywhere online? or charity wise? i dont know the procedure but if you want to get ahead, haha does that mean you pay up front?
thank you

Hi your Breast care nurse should give you info, mine was on the Nhs and although i hate having to wear it, if you didnt know me you cannot tell its a wig. I have been to see a Homeopath today re other symptoms and she had to ask if i had lost my hair. I got my wig before i started chemo just in case, my health authority allow you to have 2 so even though my hair is starting to grow back i have a spare.
Good luck xx

Hi, I got mine free as the hospital I’m with provides them via a private organisation. As meg says check with your BC Nurse and I know that you may get info re:wigs from your chemo clinic too (as I did).
It might also be worth looking into one of the Look Good Feel Better workshops if there are any near you (google the name and theres info and a list of venues)-they provide all sorts of information including on hair loss. Best of luck

thanks to you both xxx

Hi - you may get a free wig from your hospital - it depends on how they organise it. My hospital has a representative from a wig firm there and they allow you to choose a wig from a limited range. Other hospitals will give you a voucher that you can put towards a wig of your own choice, so you can choose from a wider range.

I did get an NHS wig, but was unhappy with the quality and style and so bought myself a better one on line. I used as the wig I wanted was considerably cheaper with them. Also you can fill in a form to get the VAT deducted so that makes it even cheaper. I got good service too, because I wasn’t happy with the first wig I received - I thought the colour was uneven - (not their fault as they are ordering in from third parties) and they ordered me another one as soon as I’d returned it.

So, as megsmum said, best to check with your BCN first to see what your hospital is prepared to provide before you buy one yourself.

Good luck - hope you find one that you are happy with.


have u tried trevor sorbie? hes a hair dresser with a particular specialism and lots of good hints

Hi everyone,
Thanks annedes for creating this excellent post. I’m about to start chemo next week and hair loss is obviously a major issue for me. Has anyone gone for a real human hair wig? I keep getting differing information on these but, generally, it seems they can be less hot and a little more comfortable? I’ve had a look at a few websites and you can pick them up for less than £200 but even then with a tight budget it’s quite an amount to pay. Again, with the acrylic wigs people seem to say they buy them and then find them too hot or uncomfortable and turn to headcoverings and hats. I’d really appreciate any advise as I don’t want to waste what spare money I have but, equally want to keep as much confidence as possible.

HI, I got one from the NHS and then two off the internet both for under £50 However then found a charity that made Heahter’s Hair. You still wear a hat/scarf but for everyday gives you hair but much more comfortable and cooler, ended up wearing that all the time and my wig only on special occassions.
Heather's Hair - YouTube

My Oncologist gave me a prescription for a wig and I was given a list of approved suppliers. I went to a very nice place near where I live called “Dignity” - it is run by a woman who had breast cancer so she is very empathetic. It is next to a hairdressers run by her friend and she trims the wigs so that they look more natural. I wore my wig every day as I didn’t like the cancer look that scarves gave me. I had two wigs in total. Finished my chemotherapy at the end of last year and stopped wearing my wig in May. I have had my hair cut twice since then.


Like everything, I think you get what you pay for. Under £200 is cheap for a real hair wig and so may not be good quality - unless it has been heavily discounted - whereas £200 for a synthetic wig means it’s likely to be well constructed. I ‘go commando’ at home or wear a scarf or ‘buff’ to answer the door - but always wear a wig to go out as I don’t want to draw attention to myself as a ‘cancer sufferer’. Also, many people may look chic in their scarves, bare heads etc - I just look terrible!! However, everyone has different feelings about that.

My wig is synthetic and pretty comfortable. RRP was just under £300, but I got it for about £175 with discount and VAT off. It has a ‘memory system’ which means it ‘remembers’ the shape of your head - don’t know how that works, but it does. It has a monofilament top which means the parting looks very natural. (My cheaper NHS wig was supposed to be monofilament too, but the effect is not as good). It also has a strip at the front which kind of sticks to your head once it absorbs your body heat, and that means the whole thing feels secure - it doesn’t swivel about or feel it might blow off in a strong wind! When I first started wearing it I got a lot of compliments on my ‘new hairstyle’ - no-one suspected it was a wig.

I suppose it’s rare that I would need to wear my wig all day so I don’t suffer discomfort with it. You can get a flesh-coloured fabric liner to help deal with perspiration, if it’s a hot day.

Anyway, good luck - and hope you get on OK with whatever you choose.

Sara x