Best Post menopause Hormone treatment?

Hi, I’ve been on tamoxifen for about 18months and because I think I’m post menopause the onc said they would probably change my hormone treatment at my next appointment. There seem to be several different options? I’m just wondering if anyone who has any knowledge of post menopause hormone treatments could give any advice, should I be asking for a certain type? Are some more effective but more expensive? Seem to be quite a lot of ladies having joint probs on arimidex? Any info would be much appreciated.

I am 66 and have been on Arimidex for 18 months.
I had pre- existing mild arthritis in my knees and also in my shoulders for which I was/am taking Glucosamine and Cod liver Oil with occasional periods when it seems worse and my GP prescribes the anti inflammatory drug, Diflefenac.

Since taking Arimidex I have had a return of the 'orrible hot flushes and particularly some night sweats - but these really do seem to have been reducing over the past 6 months.

My shoulder arthritis HAS worsened and just last week I have had one of my shoulders operated on (surgical re-lining of the joint) - BUT…I really do NOT think that Arimidex has been the cause of my joint pain- it is just the natural progression of the osteo-arthritis.
I have not had pains in my hands or feet or back - as other people may have mentioned so I remain agnostic about the side effects of Arimidex.
It costs £65 a month I understand and I believe it is the best option for post-menopausal BC . My prognosis was not very good so I am grateful that this drug is available to me and is lenthgening my odds of living into a graceful and active old-age!
So I guess that that’s a definite recommendation.
Good luck

I am on Femara and suffer joint pain and pain in my feet.

My oncologist cannot recommend Femara highly enough and told me it is more effective than all the chemo I had put together (FEC/TAX)!

I ache in my feet and knees but think this is a small price to pay to get this treatment.

Flushes are better than on tamoxifen in my experience

I did opt to have my ovaries out last year and put this down to some of my aches and pains. I’ve been on Femara since September 09

Hi Smiler

I wish I knew the answer to this…as I would be straight in demanding to start it! I have read about them all widely and they all cause similar side effects, many due to them having successfully blocked the oestrogen. It is just a case of trial and error. Many people try one and don’t cope well then try another and have no SEs.

I was led to believe Aromasin (exemestane) was the best for me, I researched and it was the most expensive (which bizarrely reassured me) I had no SEs beyond ache and pains no hot flushes head aches etc and I was happy with taking it. However 2 months ago I was found to have secondaries in my bones and it has been changed to Femara (letrozole) I have far more side effects with this, but until my 3 month scan won’t know whether this is working or not either.
Alternatively other people have had the opposite way round!

So my advice would be to go with what the hospital recommend and then review it depending on how you cope with things! They all have different ingredients but do the same job and different bodies respond to different ingredients in different ways, I get SEs now but they are reassuring me that perhaps this time it means it is blocking the oestrogen! The medical experts have told me that whether or not you have SEs is not an indication that the drug is working but it is a pschological measure for me until I know otherwise!

Pheebster - That is good to hear about Femara!!! That’s the sort of comments I need to hear, I am not having chemo yet they are hoping that the mets will be contained with Femara alone!

Regards Nicky

Hi thank you all for your replies, it’s so good to hear other peoples views and experiences. I guess Nicky you’re right and I just have to go with what my onc suggests, however the femara seems to sound good! I have mild osteoporosis after the chemo so I know they are taking that into consideration aswell.
take care

Hi Smiler,

You may find that you will remain on tamoxifen. I was originally told that I would swap from tamoxifen after two or three years, so was expecting to be changed at my recent 3 yr checkup. However I was told that the advice has changed, and that now they say if you were pre-menopausal at dx, you stay on tamoxifen no matter that you now seem to be post-menopausal.