between mammogram and consultant.

I found a very large lump in my left breast 3 weeks ago - probably the size of a walnut if not slightly larger.
Saw my g.p. the following day - she was absolutely brilliant - had letter 2 days later to go for a mammogram.
I had been for a mammogram last October - mobile clinic - and that was clear.
Had mammogram last Tuesday and have appointment with a consultant on Wednesday of this week.
I can’t believe that i could have not noticed something so big sooner and have told myself that it must have appeared quickly!
Now i am doubting myself though and am thinking it could have been there growing for ages and i hadn’t noticed!
I am pretty breast aware as i had a small cyst in the same breast 10 years ago.
At the moment i am veering between total panic and a strange acceptance of what might come.
My g.p. feels that it may well be a large cyst as apparently they can fill up very quickly but i am going Wednesday not exactly full of confidence!
I will have an ultra sound and probably aspiration on Wednesday.
You have probably heard this a million times - but i just can’t believe this is happening!
Thanks for listening,

Hi Gill,

Glad you are being checked out so quickly, sending you good luck vibes and best wishes for Wednesday.

Dawn xx

Thank you Dawn.
I want Wednesday to come quickly and not to come at all - in equal measure!..If that makes sense!

Gill x


Hope you get good news on wednesday. I do know from past experience that large cysts can appear almost overnight.

Take Care


Thanks Andie,

Your post was very reassuring.


I’m with you gill on the mass panic and total calm. I’m waiting to see the gp.

Sending you hugs and love.



Good luck with the g.p. delorez (((x)).

My appointment with consultant is 2.30 today,
just want to get it over with now!

gill x

Hi Gill

Hope it went ok. xxxxx

Mines 15.50 hrs tomorrow with the gp.

Thinking about you.


hi girls,

not a good result for me unfortunately.

i had ultrasound, biopsy and fine needle biopsy under arm.
consultant has said it is almost certainly cancerous, have to go back monday for full biopsy results and discuss treatment plan on the basis of results.

am a bit shell shocked at the moment to be honest even though i thought i had prepared myself for a ‘not good’ result.

hope i will get my sensible head back tomorrow.


p.s. delorez - good luck for tomorrow and don’t be fobbed off x

Hello Gill, I am sorry that it is not the news you were hoping for but at least you have done the right thing…you found the lump…you went to your GP…she referred you…and now you are having the appropriate tests done to see where you go from here. You have done everything you could do so try not to be too hard on yourself. There is so much to take in, so I suggest that you write things down as they pop into your head so that you can ask the Consultant/Nurse when you go to the hospital. If you have a Breast Care Nurse they can be invaluable when you need to go over something you are not sure about especially if you have been in to see the doctor to discuss treatments etc. Maggie centres are also useful if you have one nearby. Keep in touch and let us know how things go. Meantime we are here on the forums anytime you need to offload/scream/shout or just to make contact with people who really know just what you are going through. I was 39 with 2 children when I was first diagnosed and am still here 20 years on…I hope you are too, love Val XX

thank you scottishlass for those kind words and the good advice.

the breast cancer nurse at the hospital was very nice - i went armed with ‘just in case’ questions - but had a bit of a wobbly and forgot everything! will write everything down for monday.

thank you again

gill x

Gill, Just read your post and wanted to say I’m sorry the first lot of results haven’t been good. My fingers are crossed for the next lot on Monday. Get your fighting gloves out now. Once you get more information on your next visit an element of control will come back. Take care of yourself and don’t be alone, like Val says there’s always someone here if you want to ask/talk about anything.

Hope your results were good Delorez.


Gill the witing is always the worst! When you know what you face somehow the spine stiffens and we all get through. Good luck.
Love C

i am 2 years post diagnosis, i work full time and no one remebers the cancer unless they do funny head cover stories - lol wig used to be too hot so i would just take it off in meetings - fine for folk who knew but a tad disconcerting for others!

I have had the full set of tee shirts of treatment and still on tamoxifen but i want you to know that it is doable, that yes if you have to do this you do feel tired and crap but you will come out the other end.

i hope you don’t have to have much treatment but don’t be scared - no point being scared honey!

love j x

Hi Gill

I have been thinking about you, sorry to hear your news. I’ve been referred on for an ultrasound, doc thinks its breast mice and cysts, so am hanging on to that thought. So, I’m the waiting game for the appointment, but feeling a lot calmer.

I’m so glad I found this site and the lovely ladies on it. It is very encouraging to hear all your stories.

Gill, big hugs to you and to everyone else. I am forgetting about it now (yeah right) until I know when my appointment is.

Good idea to write it all down.


Forgot to say, will be thinking about you on Monday Gill.xxxx

Hey Gil

Hang in there kiddo. Like J says, it’s doable. It totally is. I was dx a year ago almost to the day. I’ve done the whole irritating chemo thing, seven months of it. Four weeks rads. You can do this. The fear of it is worse than the reality. Pm me anytime. You will ride this storm, you will come out the other side.


thanks for all you kind words girls :slight_smile:

i am trying to remain focused on the stage i am at and not leapfrog ahead.

i had an evening planned tonight for some of my close work colleagues to come around. i almost cancelled at the last minute as i have had my worst day today - but i decided to go ahead and we have had a brilliant evening.

i decided to take the plunge and tell them all in one fell swoop and they were fantastic! we all had a few tears - but we left the subject then and we have had a great night:-)

glad you are feeling calmer delorez.

anybody got a remedy for these awful butterflies in my stomach?

gill x

Hu Gill,
Just thought I’d join in, I too have a similar story as yours ,lump in breast in March 09. Had FNA Mammo ultrasound, results ,Cyst ,phew. found lump again in Npvember! not sure same one, visit gp, got consultant appt, had FNA ultrs and Biop, The waiting was horrendous phoned hospital BCN everyone i could think of to try to hurry up results,GP gave me sleepers, didnt work! A small swig of Night Nurse does!!! Results day 11/11/09 ! Had results of FNA over the phone, ALL CLEAR ! HOORAH says me, Consultant appt for Biop results, I was quietly confident, but ‘Holy cow’ its BC and the rest of the consultation was just a blur, thank god my hubby with me as the very word renders you deaf. Anyway 3 weeks wait for surgery for a WLE + SNB in day surgery, more night nurse, in between called in for a MRI, just in case! what does that mean?
Had op on 10/12/09, it was fine , a little discomfort but not as bad as i was expecting, but still waiting for the results , the waiting is evil.
Today friday 18th 1.30 is my results and what next appointment , i am scared stiff, but the support i have had from this website has been marvellous and so comforting, it will be fine Gill i promise , those butterflies dont go but you learn quickly to live with them, i write down how I feel and it helps, just in an old exercise book, and I try to think myself lucky that it has been found and being dealt with, easy to say , but give it a try,
Good luck and keep on this website it has helped me.
Fond regards, SueXXX

Hi Girls

Without doubt, this is the most awful thing to go through, but it does, I promise, get easier to deal with. I had my WLE and lymph node removal in Oct (seems a lifetime ago) and am now on chemo. I’ve had very few side effects and am back at work. I may just be fortunate with this and will probably get shocking side-effects with Tax, but it is do able. The most bizarre thing I’ve had is a period when I only had one 2 weeks ago! Apparently chemo can do that.

Everyone on this site fully understands what you are going through and its a great source of comfort to chat here with those who have been there or are currently going through it.

Take care

Julia xx