Bi Lateral recovery time - a guide or tips

Just seeking to see with a full masectomy - full bi-lateral what I am likely to expect in terms of recovery time - I am 48 years old just finished chemo which in general has gone well.  Advised 2 - 3 weeks should be pretty much up and about as normal (ish)

Booksandwine yes I am sure that’s the norm. As you know I don’t do things that are the norm mine will have been 2 weeks on Monday and I am getting on a plane. So I would expect to be partying by week 3!

Thanks Rosie - been trying to keep up with the April 2014 forum - but over the past few weeks been struggling with last chemo and number of hopsital appointments - was a bit of a drama when I saw the surgeon but happy I have a date for surgery and I can on to step two for recovery


Enjoy the wedding - all the best for your ongoing recovery