Bi-rad 5 Diagnosis

Thank you for welcoming me into this Forum.  My third edit as I have now read a number of posts and came to the conclusion that I am a whiner and read Dr. Google excessively.  My apologies, some of you have been through so much and waited for lengthy periods of time for a diagnosis.  Last Tuesday, I finally had a check up and my mammogram showed a small lesion that they took a closer look at with an ultrasound and decided that it was a bi-rad 5 and wanted to do a biopsy so I have one scheduled in 2 days. I was fortunate to manage to see a breast cancer specialist between surgeries who agreed to see me.  He told me not to worry that the lesion was very very small and he was 95% certain that it was cancerous and would require surgery.  So I should know in 10 days or so.  He did a physical exam for swollen lymph nodes and a lump but there was nothing.  He scheduled a surgery for October 5th if it is positive and discussed with me the options going forward.  Scared of the whole process and in shock.

Well, most biopsies are negative, but if it is cancer, it’s probably at a very early stage where surgery can cure it without problems. That happened to me, and it’s fine. Surgery is unpleasant, but I’m going to be just fine.

Hi @Vivi  - a big welcome to the forum, and well done taking the plunge to post on here. You are most definitely not a whiner, and have nothing to apologise for. I was diagnosed almost 5 years ago and I still remember the shock of that day, in fact the whole testing and then meeting the consultant. I felt like I had been hit by a truck that had come out of nowhere.

As @SarahDinosaur  said, it might still be a harmless lump, but also if it is cancerous then you have caught it very early. Try to stay off Dr Google and instead ask any questions on here, or give the lovely nurses on here a call - their number is at the top of this page.

Also this is a safe space just to offload, chat or share worries. Everyone on here just gets it without you needing to explain. We are all here to hold your hand while you wait for results - the waiting is possibly the hardest part as our minds go into overdrive and start jumping ahead. Try to take one day at a time and focus on what you actually know. Easier said than done of course. Now is also the time for lots of self kindness and treats, whatever helps you get through it.

Sending strength and hugs, Evie xx