big red flushed face

Has anyone got a big red flushed face. I am years past menopause but I get a bright red face. The only thing I am on is herceptin. Thanks Eileen

Hi Eileen.
Mainly my big red flushed face extends only to my right cheek.
Sometimes a small patch high on my left cheek. It stays for an hour or two at a time. I think I would prefer the symmetry of your big red face to mine.
I am just on herceptin too.

I had first Herceptin 2 weeks ago and finished chemo 8 weeks ago.My flush appeared on left side mainly, had it on chemo but settling down a bit now.


Hi All
Ive just had my 6th Herceptin and I also have a big red flushed face, i am naturally rosy cheeked anyway and also suffering with hot flushes the nurses are always wanting to take my temp and asking me if i feel alright
Mizzy xxxx