Bilateral, Leftie = Grade 3 invasive ductal, Rightie = 4 tumours, multicentric invasive lobular

I was diagnosed a while back, but the biopsy results took forever for Rightie (four biopsies) and then I needed a CT scan just to see exactly what state the right axilla was in.

Leftie is er and Her2 positive, Rightie is er+ Her2 -ve.

Lumpectomy for Leftie, mastectomy for Rightie.

Operation is in 2 1/2 weeks’ time, without immediate reconstruction because of the radiotherapy etc.


I’m not scared of the treatment, I’ve seen my father and my ex-husband go through chemo and radiotherapy.  I know what it’s like at its worst.  It will be horrible.  I’ve had plenty of surgery in my life, I can handle pain and inconvenience.  I also live alone, but I have wonderful friends who will help.


I don’t know how I will handle being boobless on my RHS and losing at least 1/3 of my boob on my LHS and being like that until April 2020 at the earliest.  I am a tough cookie, but this is really causing me more difficulty than I expected.  Any ideas/advice would be gratefully received.  Thanks.

Hi P3ggyB, Sorry you find yourself here where you will find lots of understanding.  I too was invasive ductal/lobular mixed stage 3 at diagnosis including lymph node involvement.  It isn’t easy as you know from your experience of cancer already, I’m sorry to hear.  It is a big thing to get over and I don’t know that we do “get over” it but I’ve learned to accept that being alive is more important than being perfect.  Here is my story which I hope you find some comfort from and maybe a few useful tips:


Give yourself time to work through the myriad of emotions which are all completely normal.  Im sure others will be along soon to say ‘hi’ and offer some words of comfort and wisdom. 


Once you have your treatment plan in place you can join the “going through treatment” thread on this forum where you can chat with others going through the same.  Im still in contact with my chemo buddies and we finished our chemo over a year ago.  I found this really helpful.  Sending hugs and best wishes. xxx

Thank you, Mai7. I appreciate your thoughts and kindness. ‘Alive is better than perfection’ strikes a huge chord in me for all sorts of reasons and types of perfection. At the moment, I feel a little like Monty Python’s Black Knight. So much has been taken, and continues to be taken, away from me.? Thanks again xxx

Hi, I am also bilateral, lobular left side and still waiting results right side. Had 2 mastectomies, 6 weeks apart as they didn’t know about the right side one until I had an MRI post first mastectomy. I opted for mastectomy rather than WLE due to family history and because I’m odd and not that bothered about my boobs :wink:

I have softees which I can wear, and am going to get my official prostheses in 4 weeks time. To be honest, I usually just go flat.

There’s a group on facebook called flat friends UK for people who are living without reconstruction - some permanantly, some temporarily. You might find it helpful.

All the best



Just wanted to welcome you to the forum, not a place we really want however you will get loads of help and support from the lovely ladies on here who have been through the same treatment as you will be having as you are already seeing from the rplies.


Sending you a pair of our virtual tough pants, they have very deep pockets so that we can all be in them to hold your hand whenever you need us to.  They are the sparkly version because it is strictly season and hopefully will give you a little or even big chuckle


Sending you hugs


Helena xxx


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