Bilateral with LD reconstruction - any advice

Recently diagnosed, and I’m still going through investigation into a 3rd spot that can only be seen on MRI, already have one small ILC on each side. I’m hoping to have MRI biopsy done soon, but likely outcome is a bilateral mastectomy with LD reconstruction. I’ve been given the usual advice, one big op better than two and better cosmetic outcome, but the nearer this gets the more panicky I get as I can’t imagine what it will be like having both front and back operated on. So would love to hear from anyone who’s had this done.


Hi Sheil

Welcome to the club, but sorry you have to be here. Big hugs for getting through this.

I had just the right mast + ld flap recon in oct last year and I spoke to a couple of people who had bilateral and general consensus is we’re all happy, it’s comforting to wake up with something there. It takes time (ie 6 mths) to settle down, mine is looking/feeling more ‘breasty’’ now. For the back I have a neat scar along the bra line, you get a ‘waist tuck’ too (there are advantages :wink: ), I found the back more painful than front but the anaesthetist put a local anaes in so you didn’t feel it as much.

On the other hand some people prefer to see if they are happy living breast free and saving the back op. If you’d prefer breasts than 1 op is better than 2. But if you think you might be happy without than you’re saving a few hours of surgery. It’s just a personal choice.

Have you got a BCN? OH and I were shown pictures and it was good to see what to expect before the op.

A few tips…

  1. Get front clasp bras with high sides, m&s do a front zip sports bra that I still use as it’s so comfy and you can’t reach back to do up clasps for a little while.
  2. Get some button front tops as you can’t reach up for a while.
  3. Get a v-pillow or prop yourself around a few pillows as getting in/out of bed can be awkward. And sleeping on your side will be impossible as they bring the muscle around there so it is tender.
  4. Have someone at home to look after you as you can’t reach up or lift things for a while and do the exercises they give you…it may seem fruitless at first but it does make a huge difference.
  5. Arrange to go to a nice lingerie shop a year later as a reward for what you’ve been through [I’m still waiting for this moment but another lady said it was so nice to have a treat to look forward to]

All the best for your results and op, happy to help if you have any questions.

Cat xx

Thanks CM
I’f I’m losing them then I really do want reconstruction. I’m maybe 54 but have only been remarried a couple of years and I’m not ready to go boobless yet.
I do have a friend at work who’s had a one-sided mastectomy (still new, don’t know all the terminology!) and had an LD flap and is happy with it. But I still worry that with a bilateral I won’t have a bit to lie on, and have visions of me sleeping sitting up for weeks.
I did visit M&S today and bought the zip bra, so I’m at least a bit prepared. Thanks for all your suggestions - still hoping for a less drastic op though.

Hi. I had ld flap on left side six months ago and am so glad i had this op. It does sound awful having both front and back operated on but my back was very numb for a while after surgery so it really wasnt to bad getting comfortable. The thought of the op was a lot worse than the reality and six months on i am so happy with the results. Good luck in whatever you choose. .

Thanks Jaclyn
I do love to hear those ‘its not as bad as you’d think’ stories.

So if anybody out there has one relating to bilateral with LD flap reconstruction, I’d be very grateful. A big walk in the park is what I’m hoping for.