bilateral WLE and bilateral radiotherapy

Can anyone help/advise on this?
After bilateral WLE and radiotherapy I’m left with lopsided boobs - Droopy and Perky. I would dearly like some tweaking to even my boobs, either make Perky a bit more droopy, or make Droopy a bit more perky.
Due to the radiotherapy there is reluctance (to put it mildly) to do any more surgery due to poor wound healing etc.
Of course I CAN live with what I’ve got - after all, I am still here on this planet - but I would love to be evened up. And it’s just for me, not what anyone else might see.

grumpy (altho I am becoming more cheerful…)

Cant advise …but know what you mean…its been so hot I’ve just been wearing my 100% cotton vest as a t shirt and have noticed that one nipple is perky (the lumpectomy breast) and the other droopy…(My original 66 year old one) hope they even out by the end of rads!
Hoping they will look the same when i get back to wearing a bra…
Mary M

Yes things do change after radio. I got one quite ‘hard’ boob but it softened over a few months and became much more natural-looking.
I can’t have reduction on the bigger droopier boob cos that also had radio hence Droopy and Perky. Now hoping that Perky may droop a bit more (age related - I’m 64) and that the exercises will perk up Droopy.

It’s all a bit of a b##### but we cope don’t we…