Bio alkamid removal and lipomoulding

I am new to this site but just was looking for some advice from anyone who has had bio alkamid injected into indentations following a mastectomy.
my mastectomy was carried out just over 5 years ago and reconstruction was done, after about a year or so i noticed that i had indentation so my surgeon injected bio alkamid which initially was very succsessful. However 4 year on i am now left with lumps where the injections were done. My surgeon is now suggesting that i have the bio alkamid removed and to try liposuction and then injecting my own fat into the indentation or my ‘gutter’ as i called it.
i would be really interested to hear from anyone who has had this proceedure done, their views and advice. I thought that ‘the gutter’ was bad enough however the lumps are even worse.
many thanks

Hi Jill, just noticed this. I didn’t have a mastectomy, just a WLE, but I did have a major indentation and have been having fat transfer. I have been absolutely delighted with this. It has taken three goes - I had a lot to fill in and they have done it gradually - but it feels totally natural and has made a massive difference to shape and symmetry. Anderson incisions are tiny and while there is bruising where they take the fat out, I have ended up with liposuction to thighs, stomach and hips into the bargain. It is only a day surgery. If I can give you any more details just say.

MG x

Thank you MG for your message, may i ask was it done on the nhs or did you have private insurance?
Also how long after your Fat transfer how long was it before you could work, drive? or just feel normal again.
happy weekend

Hi Jill, fortunately the fat transfer was done on the NHS. Until recently where I am, private would have been the only way, but NICE have approved the technique and my hospital were doing a trial, of which I am part. I have been signed off for a week each time, but will be honest that I was driving and called into work the following morning. This time I am more stiff as the bruising is on my hips rather than thighs and that seems to hurt more when I walk, but it is still only 4 days since the last surgery and though I have some colourful bruises, the incisions are tiny, healed and I am moving around freely. X

Dear Mary grace,
Pleased to read your post as I am considering fat transfer. I read great advice on the BAPRAS website, but they warned that this procedure is only good if done by a fully accomplished practitioner [ie, it really matters who does it].
I have dbl Mx with both implants and LD flaps now, but as an implant needs replacing anyway, might have them taken out and have lipo fill instead. But how to find someone good?
Best my GP could do was refer me to a local PS at nearby hosp [going this lunchtime] but lord knows if she’ll be able to recommend anyone.
Do you mind saying which surgeon, which hospital you were treated at please?
And if anyone else has good results with this, can you please recommend??!!!

I’m not sure that I am allowed to name surgeons on here but I have been extremely happy. I was treated at Warwick Hospital where there is a team of 3, now 4 I think, surgeons, one of whom is leading the trial. I had two surgeons last week and I was the only one on the list so this was scheduled around difficulties in fitting the third part of the trial into my diary. If you PM me, I will send you more details