Biophosphonates through health insurance

Hi - I have just received a letter from AXAPPP that they won’t e covering my biophosphonates as this is likely to go on “long term”. Does anyone else have their biophosphonates covered by private health insurance? Just wondering whetehr to kick up a fuss or just go with the flow - I assume the NHS will pick this up!!


Hi Geraldine

I am not covered by private health insurance but dont assume anything. I am having to fight for my biophosphonate treatment. I think you need to ask the question who is giving it to you and when.


Anne that sounds dreadful - why are you having to fight under the NHS? IS it for a specific type of drug? Geraldine

AXA PPP is just awful. I had problems getting them to cover carboplatin and gemzar. It really is worth talking to a senior person there though I have heard before that they refuse long term cover for biophosphanates. I think BUPA are much better.

I fuind it really stressful having to argue for treatments…but at least they’ve paid without quibble for nelulasta which my PCT won’t do for NHS patients.



please call them and kick up a stink
when they refused me they did on the grounds that they aren’t a chemotherapy and hence aren’t for cancer…mmm strange training manual that they’re reading out of i know. keep up the fight, you’ve paid plenty of money for this insurance. if you’ve had it through an employee then try and complain to them too.



I am with NU and they will cover Bisphosphonates for six months. They say that as it is a targeted and potentially long term medicine that is why. I am unsure what I go onto after six months - am currently on Zometa.


I’m worried now - is zometa available on the NHS? if not what biophosphonates are other receiving on the NHS? Geraldine

hi Geraldine

I think Jenny54 is on zometa maybe you could send private message to her to find out if its on nhs.

Good luck


I have my zometa on the nhs


Geraldine - I think Zometa is widely available on NHS. I get mine on the NHS.


Thank you! Denio and Deirdre - thats put my mind at rest - I was in a real panic earlier! Deirdre you’re a Marsden lady aren’t you? If so I should ok! Geraldine

Hi geraldine

I had exactly that letter despite the fact my policy covered it, I knew I was on fairly good ground as i was involved in the purchase of the policy so i had a pretty good idea what it covered.

I would have a really good read of your policy documents before you ring them, its quite possible that it is covered, also if its not they should give you a timescale where you can have it - say three months at least.

let us know how you get on, Its the reall downside of private insurance

Thanks Katherine - it’s just the last thing you need!


hi geraldine,

I have been on zometa since september and it is on the NHS. I hope you get this sorted.

jenny x

Yep, Geraldine, I am at the Marsden. But it was also available at the Royal Surrey in Guildford where I was being treated before being transferred to the Marsden.