Biopsy and scared

3 Years ago I had a MX for lobular invasive…all ok so far.  

I am having ongoing help for the psychological stuff that came up after this but tonight my brain is frozen.

On Monday I plucked up the courage to go to my GP rather than straight to the Breast Clinic as I wanted reassurance that I wasn’t making a fuss about the remaining side…she rang clinic and yesterday went in and had the full exam/ultrasound.

The radiologist was being meticulous and taking ages and I thought she must be concerned about something.

It all had such echoes of 3 years ago.  I was called back in and told that they think that underneath the cyst which I had felt that there was something else…they think it is a fibroadenoma which I know is benign.  They want to do a biopsy.


But I have gone into a strange detached state, the people I have told assume that is what I am going to do  but I don’t want to start on a treadmill I cannot stop.  I decided this morning I wouldn’t make any decision until after the weekend  but living alone the whole thing seems removed from relaity.

I haven’t told my daughters and I feel no-one would understand why I am in this frozen state.  There are so many issues here and I just want to be in ttouch with you all out there… 

Why can’t I be logical?

Thanks for any replies

Hi Jenji, I’m so sorry you are going through this again, I totally understand your reluctance to get back on the rollercoaster but it’s the only way to have peace of mind , I had a Fibrodenema removed which was benign but nestled up against it was a small area of breast cancer cells, I hope you can find the strength to just get this over with and hopefully move on Xx Jo