Biopsy on both breasts.

Hi - I’m new here too. I was recalled after my second routine mammogram. On Monday I went to the appt - had further mammograms and ultrasounds. Left breast has lump 13mm which they biopsied. Right breast showed calcification so I had to go back yesterday and have that one biopsied too (it was using mammogram and suction type needle and was horrible). I have to wait until next Thursday (10th) for result - I have appt with the surgeon. The radiographer said they can not be 100% sure but in her experience the left side lump almost certainly looks like cancer. The radiographer I saw yesterday said it was unusual to see changes in both breasts - so now I’m really scared. Anyone else had this experience? Thanks.

Hi NB,

Presumably as this is your 2nd mammo, the first one was clear, so IF bc is confirmed, then the mammo would have done it’s job, in picking it up early when it is at it’s most treatable (whether in one or both breasts) & full recovery is the normal outcome. 

I did get an early bc diagnosis after my 2nd mammo early last year, completed treatment within a few months, then back to life as normal.

It is horrible waiting for results, we’ve all been there, but although it doesn’t feel like, thankfully whatever it is can now be sorted out. 

Let us know how you get on. 

ann x



I had a similar experience to ann.  Mine was found as a result of a 3rd routine mammogram, caught early I had an op, radiotherapy and am on a hormone tablet for 5 years.  Thank good for the mammo as it would never have been found as I did not even know and actually was not going to attend the apt because I was “too busy”, will never take them for granted again.


Let us know how you get on next week, and just remember we are all here for you whenever you need us.


Sending you a hug


Helena xxx

Thank you Ann and Helena. I can see how many women have gone through this horrible experience and come through the other side. I’m sure I’ll be here a lot in the next few weeks. It’s good to know there’s support here. Xxx