Biopsy result tomorrow

After a 2 week wait I finally get my biopsy results tomorrow. Never wanted something so much and so less at the same time. Terrified and relieved that the day is almost here.
I’ve posted this here as I’m sure you are probably the only people that understand how I feel x

Hi Westie,


You and I had similar initial appointment dates, it’s horrible that you’ve been waiting so long for results. The wait is agonising. Wishing you the very best of luck for tomorrow. Let us know how you get on.

Hi Westie, 2 weeks is an awful wait for you, I had 1 and that was brutal enough! I can tell you that in my experience it was the absoloute worst part , being diagnosed at least gave me a way forward and I knew what was going to happen which is so much better than being in limbo! Of course I wish you the best news tomorrow but we are here if you need us xx Jo 

Thanks ladies. I will let you know xxx

Hello Westie

I’m in tomorrow for my biopsy results too. know exactly how you feel; terrified, relieved etc. Not long to go now, although expecting to get through the morning at work in a daze am actually looking forward to finding out. Wish you the best news for tomorrow x

Thanks everyone. What time is your appointment TeaP? Mine is at 3.30pm so like you am going to work in the morning too. Wish you the best of luck, please let us know how you get on xx

Best wishes for those with apps tmw and soon. I waited 4 weeks for my biopsy results last year over Xmas. It was an agonising wait and I empathise with you. I’m going through it all again a year on. Appointment tmw about a surgical biopsy this time around. Hope to have all done and results by Xmas this year!!

Good luck and best wishes to all.

Thanks ladies. Mine is a fibroadenoma. Will have it removed under general anaesthetic before Christmas as quite large but a much better outcome that it could have been xx

Great news, Westie, mostly it does turn out to be all ok
ann x

Thanks Ann xx

Hope both your surgeries go OK and subsequent biopsies benign. I’m having surgery too under general anesthetic either before or after Xmas to remove the whole of my area of concern for re biopsy.

Best wishes.

Thanks everyone, it certainly was a long wait!! Xx