Biopsy results - are appointments set up before or after the MDT meeting?

Hi all,


I posted on a previous thread about having a biopsy for suspected sebaceous cyst and peri-ductal mastitis. Link is available if you click on my profile name. 


My procedure was on Wednesday 27 November. When I called on Tuesday 3 December to see if my results had been returned the answer was no. I am anxious about calling back as I know the reception staff aren’t able to say much and this just fuels my anxiety further. 


I have a couple of questions on process: 


  1. When I finished the procedure I was told that it was likely that I would be told by post and wouldn’t need to come in for a follow-up - the form I handed back to the receptionist had the box VR ticked - can you advise what VR stands for? Does this mean it’s nothing they are suspecting? The consultant did clearly say I don’t think this is cancer - which I thought was odd, as they normally shy from saying that.  


  1. When I spoke to the receptionist this Tuesday she said - when the results come back they will need to be seen by the Doctors and if necessary referred to the MDT meeting which takes place on Friday - would I be called up for an appointment after this MDT meeting or as soon as my results were marked as follow-up? 


I would like to think that so far (although still some hours left of the day to get a call) that no news is good news, but know that it could still not be the case. 


Thanks for your help in advance. I have posted this on the nurses forum too, but they have said they will get back to me tomorrow. 


Any help you guys can give in the meantime in this agonising wait time would be much appreciated!


Hi Nahdiak


I don’t know what the VR stands for, I’m afraid (I can’t see how Virtual Reality could relate to BC but who knows? Medical science is changing so fast.). However, I do know about getting results. This is a terribly stressful time but it can’t be speeded up. The results have to be accurate. From my experience, consultants who say they don’t think it’s cancer are generally confident they are right. My first experience many years ago, the consultant was spot on, though I did need surgery. I would trust your consultant. Normally, they would say I’d they had doubts or suspicions.


Your results will be sent out by post if there is nothing amiss. They will go to the Multi-Disciplinary Team meeting if something needs to be dealt with. This might not be cancer, it might mean they recommend removal of the cyst. Then you would be contacted with a further appointment and explanation. In my experience, this was always by letter, not by phone - there is no sense or urgency. It feels interminable - it is a slow process when you are on the receiving end and waiting feels unbearable.


You can’t stop worrying but I guess you can keep reminding yourself that most breast lumps are not malignant and the consultant has recognised your cyst as one in the benign category. They are just checking to be sure. You might want to think of ways to manage your extra anxiety while you wait. I found videos on YouTube, of all things, very helpful - just zoning out to Michael Sealey or Progressive Hypnosis telling me how to relax my mind. 


I hope you hear very soon and the results continue to be good. Take care of yourself x