Biopsy results in 2 days, i feel like I don't want to be me and to run.....

Hi all you amazing lovely ladies,

I am 53 and i had a routine mamo about 3 weeksa ago, i have no lumps or any symptoms at all.

Anyway, i was flagged up with the dreaded return letter saying something about an abnormality on my right breast above my nipple.

Went along hoping to be told to go away its fine, only to have many more mamograms.

Then went in for the ultrasound, the dr felt my breast and could not feel a lump, then had a great long look ( my breasts are smalliish) and announced that no lump detected, and to be somewhat reassured. She also mumbled something about dense breasts.


I felt a wave of relief only to  be told she wants to do a core biopsy with the mamo machine!!!


I have been waiting 10 days now and i have never felt so depressed and frightened in my life.

I don’t know what to think, worring mammo and nothing on ultrasound, and no lump to feel.


Any ideas ladies? You are the real experts.


My mum died of metasstatic her2 breast cancer that went to her brain at 73, so it’s extra worrying for me.

I can understand how your feeling at the moment, I have just lived through the wait of biopsy results, never felt so scared and my emotions were shot by Friday, I was similar to you no lump and nothing on the ultrasound, my results were fibrosis so lucky for me no treatment needed , you are in good hands, I hope all is OK for you x

hi jojo,
It is a peculier kind of hell, going through this, but it will resolve. I remember being told by the dr when I was going through this that they always get to the bottom of what it is, so bear with it, they are only being thorough.
Like you, mine was a routine screening find, no signs or symptoms, dense breasts etc. If, on the off chance it is more serious, then screening has done its job in getting early diagnosis & prompt treatment with most women making a full recovery.
let us know what happens
ann x

Oh I remember that feeling! I begged my husband to just take me away until it was all over !! In all honestly today wont be as awful as your imagining , hopefully all is well and you will skip out with nothing to worry about but if not then you will at least know, nothing feels as bad as the limbo your in right now!! You will have to go through some things you would rather not if you are diagnosed but life doesnt change beyond recognition, you adapt and it just becomes normal and of course it ends and you come out the otherside and carry on, it feels like the absoloute end of your world at the time but through forums like this you realise its happening everywhere and people are strong and dealing with it…you will to my love if you have to! All the very best for today Xx Jo

Hi All you amazing warriors,


I have been for my results and no cancer detected but i have something called a benign Radial Scar.

They want to do another biopsy in 2 weeks but not anything to worry about just to get all of it ( no lump) tested.

Then no scans for 3 years hooray.

I told the dr i loved him, he laughed and swiftly lookead at my partner hahahahaha

Best of luck all you wonderful women.



ps, i have four friends, all of whom had breats cancer and are all doing well 30, 17, 15 and 5 years later with no sign of return xxxxx


Large glass of red tonight, I must have aged 20 years in the last 10 days


Jo xxx