biopsy results later

todays the day…After an agonising wait for the whole week i am finally getting my biopsy results this afternoon…it has been such a rollercoaster and I truely dont know how I would have coped without finding this site and reading all the brave ladies advice and battles.I hope to god that its all ok but even if its not I know I will be able to come here and find people who truely understand and that means so much.Will let you all know how I get on and fingers and everything else crossed.xx

Hi fontaine123 just wishing you good luck for today junieliz x

Wishing you lots of luck and really hope you get good news. Lx

Good luck, fingers crossed for you. xx

Hope its good news, K x

Legs crossed for you today (I can’t type when my fingers are crossed).

I’m looking forward to you coming back and telling us good news, and the loudest cheers will be from us lot who haven’t had the same. Even if it’s not good news, you have at least found people who know what you’re going through because we’ve been there, and will support you as much as we are able.

fingers and toes crossed for you,i had my core biopsy at 2.30 today so have a week of waiting for results too :frowning: but least i will no either way.good luck xx

Hello ladies…I am so relieved and happy…the tumour is benign and im having it removed after my wedding…I am so thankful and grateful for this site during my waiting period and wish you all the very best of luck for the future.You are all a true inspiration and so brave.lots of love f xx

Goodluck bbt121618 i hope you get good news too xxx

GREAT news!! Big sigh of relief! Now you can have a renewed vigour and an AMAZING wedding!! x

Thats great news Fontaine 123 have a super wedding x

Brilliant news! Hope you have a wonderful wedding. I had a benign tumour removed last year - very neat job and very little pain so don’t worry about it all. Lx

Really pleased for you, have a brilliant wedding. K x

wow, that must be the best wedding presant anyone can ever give you–so pleased for you. And have a wonderful wedding.