biopsy results postive for cancer cells

Hi Guys,
I have had my results back today from my sentinel node biopsy which i has with a bi lat mastectomy on 2 July. The results are not what i wanted to here, having hoped they had been fine and being told the initial check done during the op showed they were clear was 80% correct i had my hopes up. Now they have said it has spread so i have to go back and have an auxilery clearance next week. How was this to anyone? I am really worried the cancer has spread into my blood as there is apparently a link with the lymph nodes. i am really worried and finding it hard to stay positive. they have said i will start chemo very soon.

Feeling very alone

al xx


sorry to hear your news, you are far from being alone on this site.

I had my initial op on march 1st this year then had to go back 2 weeks later to remove all nodes due to involvement. You’ll find that there are stacks and stacks of us here with node involvement. It doesn’t mean that it has spread although the possibility is there although i was told that if there was any spread it would just be loose cells that could be moped up with chemo. Hopefully they will offer you a bone scan and a CT scan.

Have they said when you’ll have your 2nd op?

try to stay as positive as you can in this roller coaster ride

I’m thinking of you

Hi Al,

You’re never alone for long on this forum but I do know how you feel. I was in a very similar position to you, I had a mastectomy in March and then when I got my sentinal node biopsy results back they found cancer in 4 of the 6 lymph nodes they removed. 4 weeks later and I had a full auxillary node clearance. They did not find any more cancer in my lymph nodes so this was positive.

I dont know what you mean about it spreading into the blood, whether the cancer spreads to your lymph nodes or not I think there is always a risk of recurrance. Women with lots of positive lymph nodes make full recoveries and do not have any recurrance whilst some women who never had lymph node involvement do have further problems. There is no rhyme and reason with this terrible disease.

I think the worse thing for me about the auxillary node clearance was the waiting all over again for surgery, and then having to recover all over again. But you will get through it, its just a pain waiting (sometimes literally!) although I think the mastectomy was worse than the clearance. However, just concentrate on the fact that this additional surgery will either prove that the cancer has not spread any further or will remove any of it that has left: both good things in themselves.

Take care,
Pauline x

thanks guys,

I think you just get in a stew about it and read to much into things, you are right Pauline.

They have said next Tues for the op, so I guess they will take them all them I will find out if they were in the rest of the nodes or just the main one. Its good to know that other people have gone through it, I guess the second time round I will know what to expect and the anesthetic did not effect me to much so fingers crossed.

What does the bone scan and CT scan show?

I will keep positive just having a low day, it really is a roller coaster ride.

al xx


We all have low days, I think for most people round about results time as this is the most stressful time.

Im sure that once youve absorbed your results and got used to them in your head you’ll probably start feeling more like normal again - whatever that is of course!

Heres hoping you feel better tomorrow.

Pauline x

Hi Al
In my case the bone and ct scan showed whether the cancer had spread beyond my original primary diagnose. I had a sentinel biopsy and they found cancer cells there in my lymph glands. I did not have an auxillary clearance as my surgeon said the cells were only in two of the glands. I then had a bone and ct scan which showed that it had spread and that I have secondary bone cancer on my hip.
However just because they have found cancer cells in your lymph glands it may not have spread for you so hope that i have not worried you - this is not my intention
You will have high and low days -i certainly am, just try and stay as positive as you can. There is so much support here on this forum
Thinking of you

Hi Jools,

Thanks for the advice, when I spoke to my BC nurse earlier i asked about this and she said once I have undergone the next lot of surgery and get my referral to the oncologist i will have both of them, thanks for letting me. Its good to know to make sure you don’t miss anything. My nurse also reassured me it was only a tiny cell on the sentinel node so this has reassured me more knowing it has already probably been taken out. But they want to do the clearance to be on the safe side. Also she said they are happy to refer me to the fertility clinic to look into having eggs frozen. I am so relived as was worried they would say they couldn’t as they want to get on with the Chemo.

Feeling so much better today back to my old self, I think I need to not be so hard on my self when I have down days.

thanks guys

al xx

Alex dont you dare be hard on yourself hun. We all have down days and what ya going through is hard to cope with.
Hope the further op goes ok.

My sentinel nodes were fine but the clear margins on the lumpectomy were not clear so i had to have further surgery and a mastectomy.

When i went to Day put on by BCC a BC nurse said she had seen ladies with clear nodes grade one have re-occurrence quickly and others alot of node involvement and grade 3 clear of spread after 10 yrs.

This Cancer is awful unpredictable but we have to get on with it all and try and enjoy the life we have.


hi alex jh, i too have grade3 breast cancer had WLE two weeks ago plus sential node biopsy which i got a positve result yesterday so im getting an axilary clearence this friday things have been moving fast for me i had no waiting lucky enough maybe its the fact im young(30).
i have got bone scan scheduald for 3 weeks time my consultant said this is al routine, but like u and the rest of the women its such a worrying time i often think has it spread and the only thing is if it has like the others say the chemo will mop it up.
thats another thing that im worried about is the chemo, but my attitude now is im just going to go with the flow is all we can do and we will have up days and down days, but its good to come on here and talk to women that knows exactly what we going true and have to go true

take care



Hi guys,

haven’t been on here for a few days as been so busy with being back at work and friends weddings. Had my auxiliary clearance on Tues, all went really well and got discharged within 24 hours. Now its the waiting time again for the results. My surgeon is away for a few weeks so i will meet my oncologist for the results, hope its good news. My inside of my arm is numb, i knew a would have numb patch but its from my elbow to scar. really weird but getting used to it, got great movement.

Hope yours went ok Brenda, fingers crossed for you.

al xxx

Hi Al and others
I just started a discussion along similar lines - should have read this first…Anyway now I have and its great to read reassuring voices. I just am thankful that there is this way to share information and experience. I’m glad you are feeling more positive. I’m going to work hard to get to a better headspace.
It sounds like most people have node clearance very soon after the original surgery so I’ll be interested to ask the oncologist more about why they thing chemo is better done first in my case.