Biopsy Results

Having found a small lump, attended BC & had mamogram, ultrasound & core biopsy. Result was benign (Great! I thought) re-check in 3mths.
Lump still present so another ultrasound & core biopsy.
Letter this time says “benign changes but once again remains non-diagnostic.” So they want to remove the lump & try to achieve a diagnosis.
Though Benign is GOOD, I don’t understand how it can be both un-diagnosable & benign at the same time?
Any ideas?

Hi Osprey50

I’m sorry to hear that you are having a difficult time at the moment. I’m sure the users of this site will be along to support you and offer their experiences soon.

In the meantime maybe you would like to talk to a member of our helpline staff who are there to offer emotional support and practical information. The free phone number is 0808 800 600 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00 and Saturday 9.00 to 2.00.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

hi, sorry ive no idea about non diagnostics, but if it was me, i would have it removed, that way you will be sure it is all benign, if its not ment to be there it needs to be removed, hopefully then your mind will be at rest,… angie

gosh its late at night and after a glass of wine(am i worried about the theft of my iphone or about rads starting tomorrow) but from memory that is a b3 grading–ie we found some abnormal cells but we did not find enough abnormal cells to know what is going on and need more information.

So yes I would say get the lump out. If its a totally benign growth then that puts eveybodies mind at rest and it makes sure that on future scans it does not hide somthing more sinsiter.but also sometimes things just go haywire in breast tissue and as well as a benign condition developing cancer cells start too. Its almost as if because the body has to concentrate on guarding the benign changes it looses focus and lets the cancer develop . It is amazing how many posts on here are people who find a biggish benign lump and when it is examined they find tiny tiny cancerous bits that would not have been noticed otherwise.

Please dont google. there are some realy agressive forms of cancer that will scare the life out of you. the operation to take a small lump out is not bad at all. if there are some cancer cells the treatment is not necceserilly horrendous. i had a 1.5 inch benignish cancerous lump, then they found tiny invasive tumors and i start radiotherapy tomorrow, then hormone pills and that it. my chances of more cancer are not much more than people who have never had cancer in the first place, and so i would rather not have had all this, but it has not been horrendous.

so do you have a date for your op??

Thanks for the feedback & support. I agree it’s best removed, was just a bit confused as to what seems like a conflicting result.

It has got a 3 score (oldandlumpy), the guy that did the 2nd ultrasound and biopsy said it was a U3; from what I read the letter stands for which department gave it which score ie:P-physical exam, U-Ultrasound etc, etc.

Used to be a nurse & did a stint on a breast ward, so don’t need to google to scare myself. Actually not been as bad as I was waiting for 1st appointment at the clinic. Playing on mind a little as I find out Wed when op is, don’t know why, only minor op.

Sorry to hear about your iPhone, though compared to your health it’s a little loss, & it sounds as though you are a winner health wise, caught early & kicking it’s butt! Hope today goes ok for you.

yes you are right, U3 is the result from the ultrasound, but because they have done a biopsy there should be a B score around by now too

today was fine, time consuming but no big deal, especially as i have to pass one of my favorite shops and there was a sale on!!

Good evening oal,
thanks again for the advice. When I go Wed I’ll ask what the B score was & ask to see path lab reports. Think it’s the only test I’ve wanted the lowest score poss! At my last apt when I asked the Dr what type of tissue was benign, it was as if benign should be sufficient & sent on my way for the scan.

New to forums as well as the boob roller coaster, so was having a good look round today. Made me feel a bit of a whinger when I read what you & others have & are gone/going through.

Pleased it was no big deal. Did you pass or were you lured inside to buy something nice? Think a little treat of some kind can only be a good thing, Wed I’ll opt for some junk food, something bad makes it all the better.

no I was lured inside and snapped up a jacketty thing that I wore out to the pub tonight–sorted!!

Went to OP appointment on Wed 10th, nice Dr this time, one who wasn’t put out by my questions.
Seems I scored 3 across the board, path report not available as system down, though she assured me it was benign. BUT there is a lump behind the lump they’ve biopsied, which also will be removed
The op won’t be until Sept 21st & I’ll get the results 7wks today. It’s been playing on my mind big time, feeling either angry or upset. Prefer the anger, blitzed the lounge on it yesterday.
It’s been less than a week & the waiting is hell, surely someone should have invented time travel by now!

gosh thats ages to wait. your house will be spotless by then, want to come round and start on mine??

But it sounds as if they are totally confident that its not cancer and that your op is just to get the lumps out cos they should not be there. Hope that makes the waiting a bit easier

I know that’s what ticking me off. Hey ho, what to do.

Thanks once again for the support, I sure hope all will be ok.

How are things with you after the rads?

Checked out the band on youtube, great sound & you don’t look old enough to be their grandmother. Banging girl!

one week gone, appointments on time, so no hanging around. Not changing color yet or getting tired but its a bit early days. Glad you enjoyed the band