Biopsy Scheduled - worried about conversation

Hi everyone, I’ve scheduled my biopsy for next Wed but the conversation I’ve just had with the nurse there has worried me. For those that didn’t read my original post I am 33 years old and had some nipple discharge, which they investigated by mammo and u/s. They said they could see two “areas”, one of which they thought was a cyst, the other deeper in the breast that they weren’t sure of. Said I should go back in six months to get it checked in normal circumstances, but as mum had bc, should investigate further. Spoke to my doctor and he said there was a “remote chance” it could be cancer (15% to 20%) and that I shouldn’t be overly worried. I live in the US at the moment, so was reassured by this as they always tend to be overly-cautious. Anyway, just booked my biopsy and the nurse there said as I am having both an ultra sound and a stereo one, they must have seen micro-calcifications as that is what the stereo one is used for. I am now right back to the intense fear I had initially. Does everyone that goes for these checks get quoted the 80/85% nothing to worry about percentage? I am petrified. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there

I had micro-calcification and had a stereo core biopsy like you are having. It turned out to be nothing. It still bothers me now as I don’t fully understand what it is but apparently they are happy that that particular breast is ok although I do have breast cancer in the other one.

Hope this helps and wishing you the best for the results


I am just a complete basketcase at the moment! The nurse called me back to reconfirm some bits about the appointment and she actually now said that the report she’s got from the radiologist says there are “no suspicious calcifications”, so I was freaking out over that particular thing for nothing. Can’t believe how heightened my sense of panic is at this time. I’m gonna stop grasping at straws and reading into everything at the moment as it’s not doing any good. I feel positive at the moment, but when I do I then worry that feeling positive will only make it worse if I get bad news. Rollercoaster or what?!