biospy results tomorrow

hi there

new poster here

I discovered a lump almost two weeks ago visited my local gp, I have to say the service has been tremendous fast tracked to the breast clinic.

mammogram taken ultrasound and three biopsies later I was taken back to discuss a follow up appt with the practitioner and given the earth shattering news I needed to be seen this week as they are extremely concerned.

After that everything is a blur I can remember her saying she would be meeting with her team yesterday and today and that tmrw (weds) I should prepare myself to ask question on any treatment etc.

I have bought myself pink notebook and have wrote down as much as I can think - I have shared my thoughts with my family who are extremely supportive

tomorrow feels like a lifetime away i have never been as emotionally drained, but i remain optimistic as always

Hi Katrop,

Welcome to the forum. It comes as a big shock to most of us when we are in the limbo land of awaiting results from biopsies and scans, let alone if we have been warned something suspicious has been spotted during the scan. 

Given what you’ve said about trying to put down notes, and it becoming a blur, if you haven’t already asked a friend or member of your family (preferably one who is supportive and relatively calm) to be with you when you get your results, you would probably find it helpful. That way you can both take notes, plus you’ll have the support. If/when anyone is diagnosed they are usually introduced to a breast cancer care nurse at the hospital, who can provide additional information and support as and when needed.

In addition to the hospital side of things, Breast Cancer Now offers various support including the telephone line (top right-hand side of the screen) where you can speak to a nurse, a service called ‘someone like me’ (where one can be put in touch with another woman who has been through a similar diagnosis/treatment), lots of information online, plus the Forum, where you can contact a nurse, or contact others who have been there and get it - for info, support and everything else along the journey (highs and lows). I was diagnosed 6 years ago and found the forum so helpful I like to pop on, to give back.

Be kind to yourself, one step at a time, and do post again if you feel it would help, before or after tomorrow’s appointment. 

Sending you a virtual hug.

Seabreeze X

Hi katrop - a very warm welcome to this lovely forum. You have already had some good advice from Seabreeze, so I’m not sure there is much I can add at the moment.

One thing - you mentioned your pink notebook, and Seabreeze mentioned having someone with you. I also had a notebook but relied on having someone else taking notes if possible - but in these Covid times you may not be allowed to take anyone with you, I know I have to go alone to my next mammogram. If so, you might want to ask your consultant if you can record the appointment on your phone - someone suggested that to me, I thought it a great idea but never actually did it. I often found things would make sense in the appointment but as soon as I got out I had either forgotten the answer or had misinterpreted the info.

The waiting really is the hardest part. Do keep chatting on here if it helps, otherwise we will all be right with you tomorrow holding your hand. Try to keep occupied today and most of all don’t try to google anything. Hugs and strength to you, Evie xx

Hi Katrop,

Good follow on from Evie (thanks). As I was writing my last post I was wondering if they had told you whether you could take someone else in when you get the results.

Besides Evie’s suggestion of asking to record the meeting, I’m also wondering whether you could ask the oncologist if they’d mind if your friend joins via speaker phone (on your mobile), to listen in, help take notes, and help them be better placed to support you when you leave the hospital (meeting you or collecting you afterwards outside)?