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I had my 5th Zometa on Fri. I was diagnosed with bone mets from early on but they are only small - 1 in spine and some on ribs - and then in Oct a bone density scan showed the start of osteoporosis. My onc had already decided to start me on bish bosh and after a discussion it was decided to give the iv as long as my veins hold up ( 2nd go was successful this time !). Apparently the tablet forms can give heartburn/acid reflux as more of a side effect plus there is the waiting around and as the chemo had given me some heartburn, she was trying to keep it to a minimum. As I’m still not at work, going to the hospital once a month for the drip is fine and I’m monitoring the heartburn and see if gets any better or if it’s the food I’m eating - cutting back on the cakes and biscuits at the mo !

The good news so far is that the zometa seems to be working and keeping things under control so long may it last !

Ena - hope you get what you want. I’ve read that it costs approx £1000 per year but let’s face it, that’s going to be a lot less than if you don’t have it and need more expensive treatment later on…A GP I saw once wouldn’t prescribe branded tamoxifen on grounds of cost - had to have the generic form and that was the grand total of £2 a month cheaper. Wouldn’t care but I pay anyway !! Nurse told me to see a different GP and get the branded one which I did no problem !

Liz x

Thanks everyone for your comments.
Have just been to hospital for radioactive (?) injection, then back at 1pm for bone scan. Then at 3.10pm see Onc at a different hospital to get results. Will ask Onc, about bish -bosh’s
Ena x

Thanks from me too on your comments
I have a Groshong Line in atm and am hoping I can have it removed - which is why I was asking about oral instead of IV Bisoph - thing
I did have a dye injection into a vien on friday though and it was ok - so maybe my veins are recovering-?


Ive been on bondronat for over a year now - I had trouble getting it too. when diagnosed with tumour in my spine nov 07 (seems ages ago now!!!) my onc wanted to put me on bondronat but couldn prescribe it due to funding. i did some research saw how amazin it was decided i wanted it! and called my gp to see if they could prescribe it, it was a no to start with but after a discussion with her manager because someone else in the practice was gettin it, they allowed me too :slight_smile: and its the best tablet ever. it is i agree a pain in the rear to take, esp having the flu as when you wake up cant take a paracetomol or anythin so have to sit for an hour till you can eat and drink then take a tablet to sort yourself out! but apart from that its great and easy - much rather do that than visit hospital all time! :slight_smile:

anyway - i think its disgusting that some peopl have to pay for it. i see on another thread that the governmetn are introducin free prescriptions for cancer patients about time - hope that this may help thos who pay for their bondronat treatment now???

R :slight_smile:

Bondronat for 1 hour… my leaflet says, “After taking your Bondronat tablet, wait at least 30 minutes before taking your first food, beverage, or other medication of the day. You should remain in an upright (sitting or standing) position while taking Bondronat tablets and remain upright for 60 minutes after taking your tablet.”

I do try to wait 40-45 minutes after my tablet before having breakfast though.

And yes, I don’t know how people with bad pain cope in the mornings or if they wake in the night with pain, at least 6 hours should be left between taking medication and the next morning’s Bondronat. I suppose they would need a slow-release painkiller as late as possible the previous evening?

Hi all

I’ve been on Bondronat bisphosphonate tablets for over five years, since my bone (& liver) mets dx in October 2003. I was lucky enough to be offered it as a “named patient” (i.e. got it free from Roche) before it was licensed in Europe, and it’s worked wonderfully for me. I’m very angry to read that some of us are refused this treatment on financial grounds – another example of the dreaded post-code lottery that shouldn’t be a factor in our lives now – as my onc team rate it highly, and so do I. In fact, my onc prefers to prescribe this tablet bisphosphonate, rather than giving us IV ones, as it provides a regular everyday dose of the drug – and unlike IV ones, doesn’t give us any misleading pain when another IV dose is due. My GP has never refused to prescribe Bondronat or Aromasin (exemestane, an aromatase inhibitor for my ER++ BC) – if your GP refuses, please ask your MP to take up your case!

Marilyn x

bondronat 1 hour… i appreciate the box says 30min but have read when i did my research and perhaps i should have explained - that 2 hours is actually preferable before eating and drinking as the drug absorbs more into your body - so hence i compromise and do an hour before food and drink ! but that is my personal preference! and i may have read duff information! so please dont anyone else panic about the length of time - just research it to see if what i found was right or not! may be talkin complete rubbish!!! lol!!!

R :slight_smile:

Hi Zippy…I’m the same as you…I wait an hour…I read (somewhere) that the drug stops working effectively once you’ve eaten. I also leave at least 4 hours between Bondronat and Adcal D3 calcium tablet 'cos I know you’re advised to do this if you’re on Bisphos infusions as the calcium tablet can inhibit the take up of the infusion. Whether it applies to the tablets…I’m not sure but err on the side of caution. Belinda…x

hi belinda

thanks - good to hear that :slight_smile: wondered if was goin mad!!! :slight_smile: x

Zippy & Belinda – I also wait an hour before eating/drinking/other drugs after taking my Bondronat in the mornings. When I started taking it all those years ago, my onc gave me some research findings about taking this drug as a tablet that looked at its efficacy compared to its IV equivalent (as good as, if not better!). The “no food/etc” time gap after taking the drug is when the drug is absorbed into your bloodstream – the longer it’s on its own in your stomach, the better, but they couldn’t find any significant benefit to waiting longer than an hour, so it’s an hour for me, even though the patient info sheet recommends only 30 minutes. And don’t forget to sit/stand for at least an hour after taking it, so you don’t risk damage to your oesophagus/windpipe. Might sound a bit of a faf, but it’s not really that difficult to cope with, and this is a drug that’s really worked for me.

Marilyn x

Yep you are all correct - longer wait, better absorption of the drug! I quoted the leaflet because I didn’t want anyone to be frightened off taking it, I feel happier myself if I wait an hour :slight_smile: But during this time I’m getting hubby’s breakfast and packed lunch before he goes to work, and it is nice to sit down with a BIG MUG OF TEA (and paracetamol if it’s one of those mornings) and a bit of breakfast cereal while he is in the kitchen with me.
I take my calcium supplement (an over-the-counter one) with my Femara with my evening meal.

Hi - I too am on biphosphonates but take 1 in morning and 1 in evening - and do the 1 hour either side bit !

But I do drink a cup of fruit tea around that time as a glass of water (and maybe fruit tea?) helps absorption?

i think its milk and tea and coffee/juices to keep away from but does anyone know about fruit tea? !

I was told to take two tabs at separate times to prevent the reflux and to take gaviscon if needed - and it is sometimes,


Alison, the morning/evening tablet sounds like a different drug - maybe clodronate??
Not sure about fruit tea, the instruction leaflet for my Bondronat/ibandronate say “do not take your tablet with any drink other than plain water”. But if your onc says it’s OK to take the tablet with fruit tea, do let us know!

Hi - Mrsblue - yes it is bonefos sodium clodronate - I wonder what the difference is I think your ibandronate is once a week but bonefos is more ‘potent’?

I will stick with the water then and will check on the fruit tea - which is just flavoured water???


Hi Alison, Ibandronate is taken every day, after a 6 hour fast and with good old tap water… :frowning:
I’ve been taking it a while now but still miss my early morning cup of tea.