Birth Control Pills and Tamoxifen

I know this is going to sound ridiculous to many out there but I want to go back on the pill full time to stop my periods as I will be relocating to a part of the world where it can be very inconvenient/unhygenic.  I have been taking Tamoxifen for about a year and wondering if birth control pills and Tam cancel each other out or if there is just reduced effectiveness or what?  I read on a webmd forum that one woman took both Tam and birth control pills with approval of 2 of her doctors as the pill was very low dose.  Nearly all the literature says not to do it but nothing really explains why or consequences if you do.  Anyone have any insight or experience with this?

My BC was slow-growing and I had surgery 6 months ago - nodes negative, no chemo or radiation recommended but I’ve been told to take Tamoxifen for 10 years.

Hello Kbmd

While you are waiting for replies could I suggest that you give our free helpline a ring on 0808 800 6000 and have a confidential chat with one of the breast care nurses who are there to support you through this, lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00 – 5.00 and Saturday 10.00 – 2.00.

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Hi Kbmd,
I’m a younger woman like you and i am on tamoxifen too for 10 years plus 2 years of Zoladex for added protection. I was told the pill is a no because of the oestrogen in it. I’m 8/8 ER+ so mine is very oestrogen dependant. I would call your BC Nurse and get ur consultants opinion on this. Hope this helps xxxx I’m going to rely on condoms. Xxxx