Bisphosphonates and Omeprazole

Another thanks Leah!
Ann - it’s purely a ‘me’ thing - I think I associated calcium with antacids and didn’t want to take them with bone pills - something psychologically said No! I take slow release painkillers morning and night (omitted them from my original list!) so taking it at night meant it was just another pill to take then, rather than having a third pill slot in the day!!

My own schedule is:
waking: ibandronic acid tablet
mealtimes: capecitabine 2xday (if it’s a “week on”), pyridoxine (B6)
bedtime: chewable calcium
Plus painkillers as needed, thankfully not often. I don’t take PPIs though I was prescribed lansoprazole. I had difficulties scheduling that one as advised, 30 minutes before evening meal, so it’s good that I don’t have any digestive problems at the moment.
While on subject of tablets I found a good website today, for all shapes and sizes of pill boxes etc. It seems to be the online sales site of Lloyds Pharmacy. Search on “betterlife” should find it. It includes thingamyjigs for pressing tablets out of blister packs - useful for us who have capecitabine fingers.

Mrs Blue, ooked up the site and got “betterlife” section but cannot find the thingamyjig for pressing pills out. Can you give me the thingamyjigs name s I can put in in the search box. My fingers are useless at the mo. But thanks in advance for the link. Hope you are doing ok Mrsblue. Val

Pill popper, pill remover, PillPress are the ones, I think - 3 different products. All are to be found in the Pill Boxes category, along with alarms, fancy wallets etc.
I think I should get some commission, ha ha!
One thing I noticed (the site has many other items of assistive equipment) is that the prices exclude VAT: during the ordering process there is an option to declare if the products are for the sole use of a disabled person who is registered as exempt from VAT. Doesn’t apply to me as far as I know, boohoo, but does anyone know whether secondary cancer (say for someoneone receiving DLA on Special Rules) might be a reason for VAT exemption?
(Sorry, off subject of bisphosphonates and PPIs)

Good question Mrsblue, I wonder if anyone knows. Will look on the site later but thank you for replying. Val

I bought a LazyBoy recliner chair which can stand me up when I can’t - if you’re with me!! I got that without VAT just by signing a form in the shop saying I was disabled as I had secondary breast cancer in my bones which made mobilty difficult and this chair would help me. There was no formal registration or anything and it’s a year now and I’ve had no query which I’m sure I would have had had there been a problem with it. DEfinitely worth doing
Hope this helps

Hi i bought an electric bed so i could sit and take my ibandronic acid tablets and i also did not pay VAT just signed a form to say had bone mets