Bisphosphonates - I need advice please

Hello, have just had my 2nd dexa scan & osteopenia much worse & lost nearly 2" in height (even though I’ve been taking Adcal D3!), referred myself back to onc on my docs advice (but saw a very unknowledgeable BCN - who then had to troll off to an onc to ask them) who said I have to come off the anastrozole (yippee) and change to tamoxifen or exemestane and take bisphosphonates.  She gave me no other info about the bisphos and said to see my doc.  Can anyone help with what I need to talk to the doc about  - what is the difference between injections/pills?  Do I get any choice? Do I still take Adcal? Feel bit peed off at having 2 years on anastrazole when I already had osteopenia, and now have osteoarthritis. Still, mustn’t grumble, oh well, just a bit.  Would welcome any thoughts from you lovely lot. Many thanks.:catvery-happy:xxx

Hi Rubycat, what a muddle for you! Understandably cross after two years. I’m afraid I don’t know much about your regime as I’m on Letrozole, but I wanted to acknowledge your post. I sure there will be some lovelies along shortly to give some support. Good luck getting some answers. X

Thanks Annie, v kind of you. :cathappy:xxx

Hi Rubycat,

 I had already read an article about Bisphosphonates and their benefits for some BC patients before my first appointment with my Oncologist and he said that as i was going onto Letrazole he would be prescribing Bisphos anyway to help protect against bone damage, will have to take one a day for three years which is the recommended time and dosage.

I had to let my dentist know about them as it impacts on dental treatment especially extractions.

Hope you get some answers soon

Mary x