Bit of an update

Hi Ladies, it’s been ages since I’ve been on.

Well big sis finished her 6 lots of chemo on Xmas eve and starts her radiotherapy on Monday (31st). Hair loss week was by far the most harrowing and emotionally draining week but we still managed to laugh. one of the funniest moments was when I went to stay with her for chemo 5 and I put her wig on. Don’t think her hubby’s ever run so fast, cos I looked exactly like her!!! But giggles are so essential. For anyone worried about energy levels, she managed to continue teaching her dance classes 4 nights/week- how inspirational is that.

There were a few hints I picked up from the ladies on this forum which undoubtedly made a massive difference.
These are:

  1. Get your wig before chemo starts. I know sis couldn’t have coped with sorting one out once her hair started to go.

  2. Beanie hats, oh now I can’t remember name of website that Murdo gave me. I’ll post it shortly. Sis has worn her beanie every night in bed and at home when her wig was annoying her.

  3. The Browzings kit for eye brows. Again a winner.

  4. Manuka honey- v expensive and I don’t really know whether it helped but she did hit every chemo date, though on several occasions by the skin of her teeth. (borderline blood count levels.)

We skyped yesterday and she has the cutest blond tufts of new hair, another month and there will be enough to colour back to her signature red.

Hope anyone reading this gets some strength and support from this up date.

Tons of love and wishes of good health to you all. Sophie

Hi Sophie and sis!

So pleased that your sister has finished her chemo. and just in time for Christmas as well! Hats off to her too for doing her dance teaching - brilliant - I know I could never have done it - even before having chemo!

Just wanted to add too that Bohemia Fashions online do a really good selection of hats, scarves, bandanas etc.

All the best for her rads and afterwards,


wishing youre sister good luck with her Rads im sure shell find them a breeze after chemo I finished all my chemo and Rads 1st nov and now my hair is like a little pixie cut but very thick and even ( although it was grey ) i now have had it coloured. Youre storey reminded me of my sister she is very dark with long hair and i have short blonde hair and i didnt really think we looked alike untill she tried my wig on and OMG it was scarey how alike we were it was like looking at younger me ha ha .Make sure you tell youre sister to start rubbing in Aqueous or e45 cream before starting Rads and if it does get pink and itchy my oncologist gave me some hydrocortisone 1% which helped and keep doing her arm exercises cos it can feel stiff with rads hope shes doing well and looking forward to being appointment free for a while ,Rads is a bit tiring but i think it was more to do with being up early and travelling to hospital everyday for 4 weeks but hey ho its not for long shes nearly across the finishing line xxx Take care Julie

Thank you both and Juliet thanks for the hints re rads, I’ll pass those on. I think she will find radio tiring as the hospital is a good 45 mins away. will be very strange when treatment has finished cos being TN that’s it and I don’t know how its all going to be for all of us waiting and wondering …