Bit worried really?

Hi all. I have been to clinic today and have been told (second in 3 months) lump is another cyst however lump found on other breast so mammogram done. Calcification found so 2 core needle biopsies followed. Now a 10 day wait. I am a fairly phlegmatic 49 yr old however having had a melanoma diagnosis at age 31 I realise that never say never is probably realistic! Feeling worried. 

Hi ,the waiting for results is awful,did they give you any indication of what they thought they were looking at?I read that most biopsies (3/4) are not cancer so hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones.Let us know how you get on.Lots of advice and support here if you are diagnosed.

If it is cancer I’m guessing it will have been caught very early given how it has been detected .Therefore very good chance of a positive outcome.My cancer was detected via routine mammogram (couldn’t feel a lump) ,I had surgery and 3 weeks radiotherapy and one year on (fingers crossed ) I am fine and getting on with my life.Let us know how you get on.