Black skin under breast following Radiotherapy

Hi Ladies, during Rads underneath my breast went very red. It wasn’t sore and it was only because the radiotherapist saw it that I became aware. I had been wearing a sports bra, but was told to wear a cotton vest which I did. I had my last Rads on 21 December and everything was fine until last week when I noticed that the redness was almost black. There were a few cotton like strands on it, which turned out to be skin peeling. The skin underneath is lovely and clean. I went to Drs yesterday and she says it’s not infected and to keep moisturising. Has this happened to anybody else? It’s not painful but looks horrific. Dr suggested putting a roll of lint underneath the breast to lift it up and get some air to it. If anybody else had this problem, can you advise what you did? X

Yes same happended to me .It’s like having bad sunburn and then it peeling.Still looks sunburnt (brown) 18 months on.I did get an infection and needed antibiotics though .

I used melolin dressings shiny side down under my boob ,other ladies have suggested muslin (like you use in babies nappies ) under boob to keep it dry and stop friction .

Hello Lyndy Lou,

Yes, I had exactly the same thing! It’s not as bad as it looks - I used Sudocrem - a very thin layer - and went without a bra as this irritated it. It worked for me although it took a few days. I hope this helps you. Best Wishes xxx Lily