Bleeding after Tamoxifen?

Bleeding after Tamoxifen?

Bleeding after Tamoxifen? Hi there, I wonder if anyone can reassure me? I was diagnosed with BC in 1999 when I was 41and had a mastectomy followed by chemo and radio and 5 years tamoxifen. I came off tamoxifen about 18 months ago. While having chemo, my periods stopped suddenly and I haven’t had one since March 2000 until yesterday when I suddenly started bleeding. I have frightened myself by reading stuff online and know that there is a risk of uterine cancer but I am hoping this is not an unheard of occurrence and that maybe someone else has started having periods post tamoxifen, even if it is 18months down the line.
I would appreciate any advice, I have of course made an appointment with my GP to get it checked out and have no other symptoms. I feel pretty concerned.

My understanding is that the likelihood of periods returning after they have been shut down by Chemotherapy is greater the younger we are. Im 46 and my periods have stopped during the Chemo which Ive just finished and I read in the booklet given at the hospital that 80% of women in my age bracket wouldnt expect their periods to return but for women in their late 30s the risk is higher. A friends sister in law had Tamoxifen and her periods started up again whilst on it and she did not have Uterine Cancer but did have fibroids and she went on to have a hysterectomy (keyhole surgery).
Why don`t you ask for a scan to check the health of your uterus.
Hope this helps

Me again, I meant to ask if you would mind my asking the extent of your BC at the time of diagnosis. I notice that you went on to have Radiotherapy and Im still yet to decide whether I need to go ahead with this. (long story) Im in a “grey area” with my diagnosis - there are no statistics to show whether its beneficial or not and I dont want Rads if the benefits are unknown. The grey area is for people with a tumour less than I think 5 cms and with 3 or fewer lymph nodes involved , who have had a Mastectomy.

Thanks Frances.

Hi Frances Hi there Frances,
I had a mastectomy, tumour was 1.5cm and grade 3. I had 6 months chemo (CMF) and 25 radiotherapy treatments. The cancer was found in 1 lymph node although only 3 were removed so that wasn’t a great indicator.
At the time, I was 41 and I just took the advice of my oncologist who I had great faith in. That was nearly 7 years ago and up to the past week, I have been fine. It may be that the bleeding is not cancer and my GP has referred me to a gynaecologist for scans etc. It is likely that whatever the problem is, it has been caused by tamoxifen but without that, who knows what may have happened to me.
I am concerned about the bleeding but am still hopeful it will not be anything sinister. If it is, I will be more than happy to have a hysterectomy but would be loath to have chemo again. That’s something I won’t think about unless I have to! I am going on holiday on Friday for 2 weeks so I’ll let you know what happens!
Thanks for replying and good luck with your treatment! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!
Love Judy

Hi Judy

I am older than you, but was having regular periods until the chemo stopped them dead.

Three months after starting on Tamoxifen I had a bleed. Thinking it was just hormonal didn’t worry too much about it, but mentioned it the next time I visited the doc (which was about 3 months later). I expected him to just re-assure me it was nothing much.

A fortnight later found myself up the hospital with my feet in stirrups and a camera and what appeared to be half a gallon of warm water put up there!

They found a thickening of the wall of the uterus and said this was ‘not good’. At no time was it suggested that it was cancerous or even pre-cancer. My tablets were changed and I have had no further problems.

It is best to get it checked out.

Hope it all goes well for you

Hi Judy, many thanks for giving me the info about yourself. How is it going with the uterine check.?
I know exactly what you mean about not minding the surgery , if necessary , but the thought of Chemo being unutterably awful. Let me know how its going. Im probably going down the Tamoxifen route but in a way would rather get rid of my ovaries etc altogether.

I’m discussing the Rads thing with my consultant again tomorrow but reckon I’ll have them.

Good luck with all your investigations.

love Frances