Bleeding and Arimidex

Bleeding and Arimidex

Bleeding and Arimidex Hi all,

I have been on Arimidex since May 2006.

Unfortunately, I had some complications when I was doing my chemo and fell into a coma ( February 2006, long story). During that time I had intermittent bleeding.

I also had a mirena coil from 2002 and stopped all bleedings from 2004. So was surprised while doing chemo I started bleeding.

My coil was taken out in November 2006. I bled for a few weeks after that happened. In January 2007 I had heavy bleedings and I went to go to A & E, they found some fibroids but did not think it was the cause of my heavy bleeding. I was given Tranexamic Acid to the stop the bleeding and I bled for four days before it stopped.

I am now bleeding again (started 8th February). I started taking Tranexamic Acid and will see how long I bleed this time.

Has this happened to anyone else?

I am not sure if it is because my coil has been removed that my bleeding have started again (the reason the coil was put in was because I had heavy bleedings and fibroids).

I have been told I am menopausal by various blood tests I have taken.

Confused and scared.


I don’t know if this helps but my mother when she started to get menopausal had bleeding non stop.

Luckily for her they could put her on hormones but I see this isn’t an option for you. Transexamic acid is good though at stopping bleeding she was put on this initially and it did stop it.

Unfortunately now my mother has had to stop the hormones and her bleeding has resummed.

I can understand how concerned you are and how draining this must make you feel.

On another note I know chemo is supposed to stop bleeding but it increased my menstruation, I was informed it had to do with fibroids, so maybe this is the reason.

Take care

Dee x

bleeding… Marcie, my periods became heavy and protracted during my 2nd chemo cycle but then stopped completely.I’ve been on Arimidex since the end of treatment with no bleeding. Have you asked for a gynae.referral? better to get to the bottom of it rather than having something else to worry about -I think we all worry enough already!