Bleeding nipples & discharge after radiotherapy, advice pls?

Hello to all, hoping for some feedback from others who may have suffered the same after effects that my mum is currently going through.
She was diagnosed with breast cancer May 2008 and had a lumpectomy and nodes removed, followed by a course of radiotherapy. Thankfully she didn’t need chemo and isn’t taking any medication.
Since the radiotherapy she has suffered from discharge from her nipple on the breast affected by the cancer as well as regular bleeding from the nipple, which is painful. She has had a mammogram and ultra sound scan and there seems to be no cause.
She’s never seen the surgeon who carried out the op but has been back to the hospital for check ups as well as trips to the doctor - nobody seems abale to reassure her, explain it to her and not one doctor has told her that this is a side-effect, or indeed after-effect of either cancer, surgery, radiotherapy or potentially a new problem to worry about?
She is at the end of her tether with worry, I do hope someone else can offer advise based on their experiences, if so thank you so much for sharing.

Hi brynolwen,

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If you or your mother would like to talk to someone in confidence please do also remember that the Breast Cancer Care Helpline offers support and information. Calls to the Helpline are free, lines are open Mon – Fri 9am to 5pm and Sat 9am to 2pm.

Kind regards,
Kate, BCC Facilitator

ho brynolwyn

sorry to hear about your mums problem, why doesnt she contact her BCN and ask her to organise an appointment with her actual surgeon to discuss things… can you go with her and maybe make a list of questions so that you can make sure that you both get the answers that you need.

i had a lumpectomy and radiotherpay 4 years ago but didnt have any after effects that i can recall, i have just finished rads to the other breast and it very red and sore but no bleeding or discharge.

hope you can get the problem sorted out

Lulu x