Blistering feet but no pain

Hi Ladies,

just wondered if anyone has any advice…

I am on Capecitabine and tolerating it well but I am getting blisters on the soles of my feet around the ball of the foot.
My feet don’t hurt and its not till I get out of the bath that I notice them.
some days I have a blister inside another blister.
It looks just like the hardish skin is blistering and so far they don’t hurt but Im not sure how many layers of skin I can blister off before I start to hobble!!!

I put loads of cream of my feet. I do use flexitol but don’t have hard problem skin.
I now wear flat shoes with spongy soles as heals do hurt my feet and make them burn.

I think the blisters apear after a soak in the bath :wink:

Regards Bikinggirl

Sorry to hear about your feet. Not sure how long you’ve been on capecetabine for but it’s really important that you get in contact with your onc team to get it checked. If you leave it too long then your treatment will be delayed or even stopped whereas if you see someone now they will tell you to either reduce the dose/stop for a few days etc but obviously don’t do that until you’ve spoken to your onc or emergency oncology team.
With my first cycle, my feet and hands became quite red and sore within 6 days but after a week off, they were completely healed and continued without problems for 9 months on a reduced dose and had a fantastic response to it. Used to use all sorts of creams on my feet. I was also told by onc team to use Vit B6 for the redness and blisters and alpha=lipoenic acid by a friend to stop the redness and blisters but my oncs were happy for me to use it. Obviously, you need to get your onc’s permission to do any of this as I am not an expert.
My feet had the most amazing blisters after an overenergetic summer holiday in cornwall and I can assure you that foot skin is very deep - I had to get the blisters cut out of my feet after they filled with sand and the nurse easily got down to 5mm of skin!!! I didn’t realise that skin was that deep!!! The blisters were easily 2cm wide and 4cm long - don’t do things by half!!! Not an experience to be repeated and why I feel so strongly you should get help as it took about 3 weeks to heal. It was my own fault my blisters got so bad. I have widespread secondaries and was so well at that time that I overdid it and walked continuously for 3 days and then went rockpooling with the kids and the blisters filled up with sand!!!
Please go and speak to someone and let us know ow you goton. Lots of people have their doses reduced and still have the same great response to the drug.
Don’t let the get sore or infected which is of course a risk if the blisters burst!!

Hi Kate,

thanks for your reply…
I am seeing my onc in the morning and to be honest as I don’t have any pain and I have done alot of walking
so wasn’t sure if this was a problem or self inflicted.
You know what its like you feel that something as small as this isn’t worth mentioning!!!

I have just finished my 5th cycle of cap… I have been taking on this last cycle B6.
my dose is not the full stength as it was little bit to much…
I hate being underpowered!!!
I too like you have three children (daughter 10 and twin boys 8).


Hi bikinggirl

I also am on capecitebine - just ending my 7th cycle. I have had quite a few problems with my feet too despite creaming like mad! I find I get blisters on the balls of the foot if I walk too far - sometimes they are painful and sometimes not! Recently if I am walking any distance (and walking is one of my stress relievers and my only form of exercise so I am trying to continue with walks of upto 5 miles), I put on a blister plaster on the key areas. Don’t know whether you’ve come across them but they have a gel padding which protects the skin a bit more. Have also used the gel “party feet” pads in some shoes which have helped too. Have to say my feet are best in my walking boots - but don’t think I can wear them to work!

Also was advised to avoid soaking the feet in the bath because the heat increases the circulation to the feet which can lead to more problems.

My major problem though has been with cracking in the arches and behind the toes - which definitely is painful!

Seems a good idea to mention it to your onc tomorrow. Mine has reduced the dose several times to minimise the side effects and it has continued to work extremely well for me - long may that last! Have only had one postponed dose which was this last cycle and that was partly because of the feet but mainly because of my blood counts.

Let us know how you get on.

Kay xx

I think you just need another BB!!! Sorry to be flippant but you know…

See you tonight.


Hi Ladies,

thanks for your words of wisdom…
(pinkdove these bb’s are all very well but the weight is going on and I’m sure that can’t be good for the feet)!!!
I saw my Onc this morning and I am pleased to say that I managed to ask all the right questions!!!

Kay your advice and experience has been a huge help and now I am less worried.
I have already started this cycle but I think I will be reduced next time.
The soaking of feet isn’t good 'cause I use bubbles and this has a drying effect.
Nothing was said about increased circulation.

i was told that some people can just get blisters and others can get dry feet as well or instead.

I have some very flexible shoes but I have bought some liners for extra comfort and I think that a slight friction
of the ball of the foot moving forward when I walk has added to the blisters.
Plus I walk fast and take large strides!!!

Some of my blood results have increased on the liver function, not that I have any cancer there but its the effect of the chemo,
So althought I feel really well and have no other side effects it must but knocking the system a bit.

I have found this chemo hard to remember that I’m on it as I look and feel so well.
I have neaver had any ‘syptoms’, just been on my knees a couple of times with taxol.
Think I just need to get my head round it all…
anyway… had a three hour shop after my apt and now just about to start on the housework!!!

(only joking, putting my feet up )