Hi everyone iv just had surgery on my right breast to remove 3tumors, this was in Wednesday, last night I started to develop blisters all along the edge of my dressing I can’t contact the ward is this normal I was told I might develop a red line due to the tightness and swelling but these are actual blisters all along the edges

You should be able to contact someone - if you have concerns - it seems strange that you can’t contact the ward. Why not? With the long holiday weekend - I was told to contact the ward if I had any issues and if any treatment should be necessary then they would be the people to deal with it. As a last resort your local A + E should be able to take a look for you and calm your fears. I do hope you can get it sorted.

Hi, that seems like an allergy to the dressing, it should definitely be checked!

I had a single one on my PICC line dressing so I just lifted the dressing on that bit and waited until my weekly check, but for your ones all along the line, you really need to change everything.

Hi thanks for replying, it was just a day case ward where I had op only open mon-fri I have spoken to a nurse now and she said keep an eye on it and go to a&e if I get a temp or if it starts to spread further I’m going to call at local walk in centre today just to be checked

Hi charys thanks for checking in, I went to walk in centre yesterday as one dressing had started to come away, the nurse there popped the blisters as they had become so big and cleaned and redressed the whole area, she said it was down to skin stretching and being sensitive , I have a very stiff arm today five days post op I have been doing exercises daily but still stiff today x