Blog about my experience at a young age going thro Breast cancer

I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 months ago at the age of 29. I wanted to start writing a blog to create some awareness for other young women and to be an inspiration to young women who are going through this too. I felt like there was not enough emotional support for me when I found out (apart from this forum) and was so desperate to find other women in their twenty’s going through this too. I am now on a new journey, it might not be pleasant but I’m stuck with it and so have to be optimistic and make something good out of it. I feel very strongly about helping other women and giving them the support they deserve.

I am already getting overwhelming and positive feedback and is already reaching people with cancer and helping them. It is even helping people who don’t have cancer in all sorts of ways.

I would love you to read and and let people know about my blog as I want it to reach as many people as possible.

Please do leave your comments on there too!!

If you contact me by private message, I will pass on the link to the blog.

Its for everyone really! I don’t know how to contact you?

Just sent it. I wondered if there was a way of contacting people personally actually on this site? What and how do you do the whisper back thing?

Im actually about to do that to. I did photography at uni. Have been meaning to do it from the start but not got my arse into gear. Deffo doing it now tho.

Vertangle, wahst ur email??

Emelf, think my e-mail is playing up, didn’t get your link. Could you send it again please, or PM it to me? Cheers!

Cat, when you get it, can I share too?

Yep, sure can, Mum2Two.

As many of you know ,I also write a blog. I have found it really helpful to write about my experiences and be able to express how I feel as I think sometimes it is easier to write than talk. I think it is a wonderful idea for you to do this.
I am amazed by how many people read my blog and also that it is now read across the world which is an odd feeling really but if it helps people then it is worth it. I often get comments that it has helped people or I’ve written something that they hadn’t considered. It has also helped when I’ve been in hospital that I can write or get someone else to write it so people know what is happening and saves the phone calls for my hubby.
I am 46 and was diagnosed at 43 (so strictly not young) but my children are 11 and 8 so a lot of my blog is how we all coped initially and now with my near terminal diagnosis.
I know yours is going to be written from a totally different perspective which is brilliant as it will be an invaluable resource to young women.
I agree there is so little written for younger women and all the issues about fertility, relationships, body image. For me, when I was diagnosed there was little for children but that seems to be improving a little. From bits that I have read that is supposed to be written for younger women can be bland and doesn’t hit the hard emotional issues - but then that is my perspective. I believe in being open and upfront and sometimes people find that hard to handle. I know some people find my blog too emotional to read - usually it’s people who know me that feel this way and often don’t live near me so only have my blog to judge how I am.
I’d like your blog address is possible.
Good luck and I hope you enjoy writing your blog and you get lots of comments.


I’m really glad you’re doing this.I’m 23 and was diagnosed 4 months ago.I would love to hear more about your blog…there really isnt much targeted towards us really Young uns.It can be just as isolating in some ways to be classed as “young” in age group which spans over 20 years when you’re not far over 20 years yourself!!!I’m still a student at medical school and never considered that whilst all my friends were busy qualifying to be doctors and going out partying that I would become a patient instead, facing it single and with the possibility of not being able to have any children.Not to mention body image and intimacy!Please could you send me your link???Best of luck with everything