Blood clots and tamoxifen


I am due to start tamoxifen in a week and am slightly nervous.

I just finished 6 cycles of chemo 2 weeks ago, after my 4th I developed a small blood clot in subclavian vein, which I was told was due to picc line.

I read if you have had a blood clot you cannot have tamoxifen. I raised this but my onc has said my clot was mechanical and is not worried.

I trust the professionals but can’t help worry about tamoxifen after having clot when others have been told they can’t have it.

Hello lanna19,

Thanks for posting. It’s understandable you are nervous about starting tamoxifen following the development of a blood clot.

Tamoxifen would be used with caution in people with a history of blood clots and usually if alternatives such as an aromatase inhibitor (with or without ovarian suppression) were not possible. Your oncologist will weigh up the benefits and drawbacks of taking tamoxifen and we are not sure what they mean by a mechanical clot. It would be helpful to have a further discussion with your oncologist. Also, the decision to treat with tamoxifen would be agreed by the multidisciplinary team so you could ask that this has been done.

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