Blood count checks

Blood count checks

Blood count checks hi there,

was dx in march and had lumpectomy at the end of march and i am having 6 x FEC chemo followed by rads. just had 2nd chemo last tuesday. the thing is in between treatments i have no follow up check or blood count checks, i feel ok but would be intersted to know what blood count is when high/low. i am currently at the royal marsden and they are brilliant and i am sure they know what they are doing, just wondered if anyone else does not have blood count taken between treatments.

any feedback appreciated.


nadia x

Hi Nadia I’m having 8 x chemo and just had No. 3. My bloods are taken one or two days before chemo is given, not between treatments. I do not know what the scores are, but I always ask how are my bloods, and thankfully so far have been told they are “good” whatever that is!!
Hope this helps.
Cheers Anne

blood check Hi Nadia.

I am in Dudley, Russells Hall. I am also on fec (only one more to go!!).
I’ve had a blood check every time before the chemo. Just the day before. Sometimes , I think they might take a sample the same day as the chemo.

With me they’ve checked for liver, kidney and most of all the neutrophils. Because these are the white bloodcells most effected by the fec chemo.

If they are to low (your neutrophils), it might by advised to prospone the chemo for one week.

I’ve only seen the oncologist twice, but then I hadn’t been feeling well.

Good luck with the rest of your fec’s , you are nearly halfway!!

Hi Nadia I am on FEC, 4th session on Friday. I have my blood taken on the same day and go for chemo about 2 hrs later if all was OK. In between treatments I have only had blood tests if I have felt unwell. This has been on 2 occasions, the neuts were low but I didnt have a high temp so they gave me antibiotics to take and I came home. I havent had routine tests just to check how the cells are. As long as they are OK again for the next treatment seems to be the main concern.

Take care

Same As You Hi Nadia,

I’m on my 3rd cycle of 4 x AC and then 4 x Taxole. I’m having dose dense treatment (fortnightly) from cycle 2. After the first one I thought that I would have to go in before the next session for a blood test but, they just said come back in 3 weeks. But then on the second they gave me a box with a syringe and needle in it and said that I had to inject ‘Neulasta’ into my stomach the day after the cycle and then come back in 2 weeks time for my next cycle. I’ve done this twice now and the Neulasta is like a booster shot for your white blood cell count. Not sure if its different in England but even with the Neulasta no-one has taken my blood count before the next cycle it just seems to be a ‘given’ that it is all OK,

The only thing that anyone has said to me is that I should avoid anyone with a temperature or gastric symptoms and that I shouldn’t hesitate to get myself to hospital if I develop even a hint of a temperature. I guess you have just got to be mindful of yourself and make sure that you keep yourself as healthy has you can whilst the treatment is happening. (tough to do though)!

They have also said that if I am worried I can just drop into the oncology clinic and get my bloods done when I am passing through? Is that something they would let you do at the RM just to put your mind at rest?

Anyway - good luck with your treatment.
Flishy x

Hi Nadia

I am being treated at the Countess in Chester, we only have blood tests about 20 minutes before our chemo. They take the blood, test it immediately, then you have chemo. However on my first cycle of Taxotere (5th chemo) my blood count went very low and i knew about it by a raised temperature, I went to Clatterbridge and had tests there. I now always keep an eye on my temperature and i have had no problems since!

Take care Nicky xx

blood tests I see the Oncologist two days before each Chemo and have blood tests then. The District Nurse also calls each day for a week after Chemo to boost my white cells. I think this is because TAC is strong plus I am also on a Chemo drug by tablet form and steroids fo an auto immune condition and have been for a year.


Thankyou ladies for all of your replies. i can see that the hospitals do things thier own way and so far i have had no major probs (touch wood!) and the blood count thing i have is just before my chemo. so my mind is at rest but will talk to the onc onmy next visit.

thankyou all once agan and all the best for your treatmetn and recovery.

Nadia xxx