Blood pressure too high

Hi all

I had a disappointment yesterday.

I’m having anipple recon and went for a pre-op assessment, being done under a general , not local - surgeons preference, and my blood pressure was the highest it has ever been 165/103. They took it again after doing all the other tests but it was still 149/101.

I can’t go in on Monday (late date) but put back to original date of 14th April. I’ve to go and see GP(Can’t get apointment until Fri 7th March)to see if it’s come down or if he needs to tweek my medication.

I’m on Herceptin and had 15/17 and wonder if this could be the cause as my heart function had dropped to 57% at the last but one heart scan and I haven’t got the results of the one last week.

My blood pressure went up when I took Femara (Last April for 2 weeks) but the side effects of that were so horrendeous that I’m no longer on them and I thought any effects from that would be well and truly gone.

Needless to say the worrying about my blood pressure is not doing it any good.

Anyone else have similar problems. I want the nipple recon and then ther’s only the tattoo and hopefully when I see the onc in April I’ll have a lot longer between appointments.


Marilyn x

Not the same as you, Marilyn, but my BP was raised in mid January (160 ish / 90 ish), and through diet and exercise it is now 146 / 83. That is a huge improvement, although I am still having to undergo ambulatory monitoring shortly. However, I am now hoping to escape medication.

I go to the gym three times a week, and always swim afterwards. Would this be a possibility for you?


Hi Marilyn,

What a trauma for you, how stressful no wonder your blood pressure is up, myself I would go to my GP, I take BP tablets every day (“water tablets”) and dont find them a problem, just go to the loo a bit more often

Louise x