Blood test tumour markers

Hi Everyone. Just need to pick your brains. I usually have my tumour markers along with LFT etc checked every three treatments. However the nurse on the chemo ward didn’t write on my blood sheet for them to test for my tumour markers and the other CA number they usually put on. What I would like to pick your brains for does anyone know the CA numbers that they put on the blood tests so that I can write them on the sheet myself. Thanks in advance everyone xx

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Hi. I have my blood tests done every month before I have my Zometa infusion. I see the ONC every twelve weeks so I have my tumour markers done on the nearest blood test before I see him.

He told me to put Ca15-3 in the box below the list when I am due to see him.

Hi,Ellie,yes it’s the CA15-3 as it’s written in my red book to be done along with other normal bloods.
I get my markers done every three weeks.
Hope your will be lovely and low,huge hugs ,Helen xxxx

Yes there are 2. CA-15 and also CA 27.29
Bev xxx

Yes there are 2. CA15-3 and also CA 27.29
Bev xxx