Blood test - up,help

I have just had my blood test for cancer marker CA 15.3 yesterday, and for the first time didnt feel too worried. I have appointment to see surgeon tomorrow with mammo results from last week. I am so shocked today to get a copy of results to see my marker has gone up slightly.
In the last year every 3 months my marker has gone down a fraction and 3 months ago was 7.7, today results says 8.9 so have gone into total panic and feel sick.
Anyone else had this and then find they go back down?

oh pineapple you must be so worried!!! but i don’t think you need to be. My CA15.3 goes up and down between 12 & 16. I don’t this sort of minor variation is anything to worry about. But if you are - then give your bcn a call.


I dont have a BCN as i live in France and was never given one. I am seeing surgeon tomorro but that seems a lifetime away. I know its not a big amount but was so used to it going down a bit every time.