Blood Transfusion

I just finished chemo called MV Carbo and found it the toughest out of all chemos. I had been patting myself on the back that I had completed the 6 cycle without the need of a blood transfusion.

Today 20 days after the last cycle my GP informed me that my platelets are really low 42 when the lowest it has ever been is 98.

I am so worried about having a transfusion. I feel that it is something alien in my body as well as having this cancer in my body. Am I being ridiculous or has anybody experienced this feeling about blood transfusions. Please could you talk some sense into me I am feeling quite scared today.

I will talk to my onc tomorrow, but my GP warned me that if I injure myself I could have a blood clot.

Thank you

Hi there Ripleybn,

loads of people get nervous about blood transfusions but they really aren’t much different to having a vaccine, just on a larger scale. You need your platelets to clot the blood, they are tiny tiny specs of material that, along with certain proteins in your blood, form the clots that seal any cuts or grazes.

They may give you a blood transfusion so you have all the other factors as well as the platelets or, they may just give you platelets in a little plasma. Plasma is just the fluid that carries the cells and everything else around.

What you don’t want is a risk of bleeding, including huge bruises from simple knocks, so do try and have whatever the doctors decide that’s best. At the end of the day you’ve come a long way and through so much already, in comparison this is not a lot.

take care, and hugs


I have had 2 transfusions in the past (not related to BC). You will be amazed how much better you feel once the transfusion has finished. Don’t worry and embrace it as a part of your journey to wellness.

Hi Ripley again,
Congrats for completing the MV chemo, it is a tough one. Let me tell you though I had exact same thoughts when I first had to have blood transfusions, the thought is almost alien like having someone else’s blood going inside you but really it is nothing compared to chemo. In fact after you have it it makes you feel a whole lot better and gives you a boost. Now if I have to have it I actually embrace it as the energy it gives me makes such a difference. I had some just this week and life is a lot easier for it.

Take lots of reading material though as it can take a while. I’ll be thinking of you.
love Lara xx


Thank you everyone for replying.

On Monday I made up my mind to have a full blood transfusion. You are so right and like a friend said to me that I should take it as a gift that someone as generously donated to me to make me feel better.

I am waiting for the doctor to arrange it for me to have it my local hospital.

Lara - I am so glad you are able to get around and do things. You and Jacqui are always in my prayers and I have prayed that God protects you everyday.

Take care

Im so pleased you decided to go ahead with the transfusion. Your friend is right, it is such a gift to recieve this blood. Now I always ask friends and family to give blood if they can as I can really see the difference it makes.

I just also wanted to say thank you so much for your prayers, you’ve mentioned a few times you have been praying for us and it really means alot. Somehow I have beaten what the doctors have now said I should have lived for, somehow I seem to be getting a little more strength which I’m so grateful for ( the bloods helped too!).

Take care of yourself and let us know how you go after your transfusion