Bloods done today

Hi, I have been for my bloods doing today prior to chemo tomorrow. The nurse said that’s I’m on antibiotics for tonsillitis until Monday she thinks the chemo will be delayed. She said that as I was still neutropenic. On day 16 I might need an injection (but didn’t ask what). Also I have been to lymphodema clinc and they have said I have it plus bad cording and have given me a stocking to wear from my thumb to my arm pit.( it will be midday by the time I get around to doing anything with all the exra bits, wig, hat breast and now stocking I have to fit).

I still have to attend as usual for the chemo tomorrow and see what they say. She also said that they are going to give me some sickness medication to take home with me that I will need to take an hour prior to starting the chemo as my sickness was so bad last session, fingers crossed it works.

I had my wig on for the first time today and didn’t like it at all, even tho every one said it suited me. When I have got home my son had sent me a fringe with bob sides. It looks brilliant I hav eit on u der my hat and it looks like I have hair I am well impressed with it.
Fingers crossed I can have my chemo tomorrow and good luck to every one else who is having there’s especially the Barnsley ladies.