Blooming disease !!

Blooming disease !!

Blooming disease !! Ok part of me wants to swear and curse the world, and another just says get on with it. Yesterday I learnt that my cancer has gone into my brain, damn,damn,damn !!! I had my CT scan last week and I cannot tell you how well I feel, I feel fantastic, I have joined the gym, I do Pilates, I work, I was getting on with my life. Bone mets well and truly under control.
Then the bombshell dropped, they have found tiny, tiny bits of cancer in my brain. I don’t feel unwell at all. They can’t even measure it, it’s so small. It’s nowhere else, herceptin is doing it’s job but as we know cannot stop you getting brain mets. I am due to start radiotherapy as soon as possible, I am going for head measurements next Wednesday, can see me spending my 50th birthday on the 18th being zapped !!! I am not being given any further chemo, just radiotherapy and remaining on herceptin. I wanted to know if anyone else has gone down this route , how they felt and how they were doing. Thanks

Diane xxx

I’m sorry to hear this Diane. I just wanted to let you know I have a few friends who have also felt well, very well and have then been diagnosed with brain mets.
It sounds good news, to me, that the mets are so very small they can’t even be measured. Good Luck with your treatment. I hope the rads works SO very well for you.
Take Care, Belinda…xx

Thanks Belinda it’s good to know that other people like your friends have been down this road. I am so fed up with losing my hair !! I hope my treatment goes well, my oncologist was very upbeat about it. Fingers crossed.

Diane xx

Don’t Despair Hi Diane

Please don’t despair. I am living proof that brain mets is not as bad as you first think, especially as yours are small. I found out I had multiple brain mets, all very small about this time last year! Had WBR which was manageable, tiring and yes, I lost my hair again! But, it has grown back, very thin but its there!

Had recent scan and got excellent news on Weds that there are no mets visible, all clear as far as we get all clear! I’m on Capeciatabine since Jan which does cross blood brain barrier and this seems to have done the trick at the mo. Have never felt better! Not allowed to drive but quite good at buses, walking and bicycle now!

Hang on in there, your life will get back to normal again but it may take a bit of time. You can PM me on the other side if you need anything. I’m kitkat36 there.
Take Care

Thanks KitKat, have PM’d you on the other site but you having given me so much hope.

Diane xxx

other website got new computer and havent got web address for the other website it was in my favourites and i didnt save it kit kat could you remind me please

! Thanks Dawn, Good job you’re so effiecient!
Off to Corsica at the weekend to celebrate clear CT scan! Don’t think I need plane to fly!
Courage all,
Love Kitkat