Blue bauble compeTITion

As it’s nearly Christmas, thought it was time to have a seasonal competition. 

Anyone can enter who has blue dye on their boob still visible at least a year after the op.

No need for photos - I’ll believe you. (and I don’t know how to do photos)


The person who had their op the longest time ago.


First entry: me, had my op April 2015. 


There, that was easy wasn’t it?  Someone will come up with a prize I’m sure.


Rubycat :catvery-happy:xxx

Fed up ,can’t enter ,never had blue boob # cheated …

well, it wont be me, only 10 months in!!!
ann x

No me neither Jill! Not even a tinge ?

First op sept 14. Rads Jul 15. 5 blue spots

Ruby you’re winning this one! I’m still smurflike but only 5 months on! X

??? congratulations to the winner - that picture is superb! Xx

My those are saggy blue baubles !!!