bone cancer

Hi everyone,My mum had breast cancer 2 years ago,she had the strongest chemo and radiothearpy and was givien the all clear may 2007 in Nov 2007 she had back pain which was eventualy found out to be bone cancer which she had in her back and shoulder.She had radiothearpy about 7-8 weeks ago and is waiting to see her consultant,but the pain has not got any better if anything I would say worse I dont live near my mum so I havent been able to see how she looks,I’m really worried that it has gone elsewhere in her body.Some advise or anything would be good.

Hi Grover

So sorry to hear what your Mum is going through. You haven’t said when she is going to see the consultant. Perhaps you can arrange to go with her? If she doesn’t have an appointment soon perhaps she could ring her Breast Care Nurse, they are often good people to speak to.

take care

Hi Wizzbaby,my mum is seeing her consultant on the 15 june.I dont know if she has a breast care nurse now.

Thanks take it easy.

Hi Grover
I am Lisa’s Mum … you may have read my threads about her. I just came on to say that they have discovered with Lisa that her pain is caused by nerve damage after rads and made worse with chemo. Not saying its rads with your Mum but worth asking if it could be nerve problems.
Sue x