Bone mets Q- can pain come on suddenly or is it gradual?

Hi ladies
just a quick q for the bone mets ladies…
I’ve been experiencing some lower back pain on+off for the last few days. It’s pretty bad today + I’ve had to dose up on pain killers. I haven’t had a bone scan in over 12m but I’m wondering if the bast*rd cancer is now in my spine as well as everywhere else?! Or does bone pain tend to occur gradually? I’ve nt been dx with bone mets but to be fair, my onc isn’t interested in looking for them. Been having some achey twinges on right lower abdomen so was going to ask if ct next wk will also look at abdomen + pelvis (usually only look at neck, lungs + liver). Just thought I’d see what you guys think.
Thanks in advance
tina xx

Hi tina,

sorry to hear you are having that back pain. It is so awful when we have 2ndaries as every pain raises the question in our minds as to … is it there! It sounds to me like you need to be a bit assertive with your onc in getting these scans done to set your mind at rest. I suppose it is best to go with the usual thing with new pain of waiting a couple of weeks to see how it develops. I think those of us with bone mets would all have different experiences of how the pain developed. For me the first thing that raised suspicions was severe sciatica down my leg - I contacted my onc dept and they had me in straight away and did x-rays, ct & bone scans and found that I had multiple bone mets throughout my spine, skull, ribs, hips & pelvis!!! Goodness knows how long I had that going on but as I looked back the only clue that anything had been going on was that my head/skull felt very tender, specially at night when I rested on a pillow. Others will say their first knowledge of bone mets came with a fracture. Some do have bad back pain. You will of course realise. that back pain can be from all sorts of things but when we have bc those pains do need checking out. Your onc needs to be interested! even if you are on meds for other 2ndaries if you have bone mets then you need bisphosphonates for starters. It also sounds a good idea to ask for more extensive ct scan than your usual one if you are geting additional pains. Do you have other oncs seeing patients at your hospital? I know at the one I go to it is quite acceptable to have a word with the clinic nurse if you want to see a particular one. Best of luck.


hi Tina
I agree with Dawn,your onc should be interested.
If you cannot get the onc to take you seriously why not ask for a second opinion.

L xx

Hi, I am sure each one of us with mets will have a slightly different story - for me I woke up one day with excrutiating rib pain - so bad it was taking my breath away - a scan showed mets to my ribs hips and spine - I hadn’t had an inkling of pain anywhere else at that time. As I say, there could be many different answers to your question, but hope this helps a little and I hope you are clear xx

Thank you dawn + everyone else for your replies :slight_smile: I am defo going to ask for the ct to cover my abdo + pelvis, and I will also request a bone scan. I am popping painkillers by the min and it’s so unlike me :frowning: Thankfully my back is much better today although I’m still having twinges. Been having a srange pain on + off in right hip too. Frequent pains in liver region are really wrrying me but I’m actually hoping it’s my rib/s rather than my liver mets worsening. I’ve quite wdespread mets so it wouldn’t be a bg surprise if my bones have also decided to join in the party…
I will let u know what my onc says this week. Thanks again,
tina xx