Bone mets shrinkage

I have bone mets er and her2 positive. My bone mets have been steadily growing since diagnosed couple of years ago and last nov it started to affect the nerve coming out the neck affecting my right arm and I was in so much pain it was just unbearable.

Anyhow last nov I started weekly taxol and perjeta and carried on with herceptin. Most of the pain in the arm went the day after starting and my breast lump which was quite sizeable shrunk to nothing within 2 weeks. I was so happy that the treatment was working and it has motivated me through the chemo so far.

Yesterday I got my scan results which confirm the breast lump completely gone and the bones stable and unchanged. I realise I should be happy that the chemo has halted the growth but I really was expecting things to have shrunk in the bone based on the pain going so quickly, My concern is that I will finish amost 6 months of chemo to then stop and then it grows again and the pain returns and I’m back where I started!!! But with no hair and feeling v toxic!!!

When I asked if there had been any shrinkage he said that despite the reports showing stability that it is difficult to tell as the cells mix so much together but the bones are showing signs of thickening. I realise everybody responds differently but I just wondered if anybody had any knowledge about bone mets and how they respond to treatment? Are my expectations too high in hoping for shrinkage?

Any advice wld be appreciated I’m normally very upbeat about things but today I’m just so fed up!!! xx

Hi,new york,that’s fantastic news,soooooo pleased. The thickening in the bones may be them healing as this shows up on scans. So you may have shrinkage and the bones are rebuilding.
You are allowed to be fed up so please don’t beat yourself up. The road we travel is full of potholes so we are allowed to have fed up days.
Sending you huge hugs and sooooo pleased about your news,Helen xxxxxxx