Bone mets - What does it feel like ?

Hey all, Dx Jan 07 grade 3 no lymph nodes involved aged 28.

I had a bone scan 2 weeks ago for pain in ribs and lower back pain. I get the results this Friday and have convinced myself that I have mets. My onc said it was probably due to the radiotherpy as the pain is this side but not to take any chances.

I was just wondering what bone mets actually feels like ? Is it an ache, a stinging pain ? does it come and go ? etc etc. I’ve had the same pain for about 10 weeks now in my ribs and when pressed or the underwire from bra is on it it feels almost like a stinging pain. My back aches almost all of the time and seems to be getting worse and I get small bouts of sciatica running down my hip…

I’m hoping you could give me a little insight !

I’ve just been offered a job ( my first time back to work since dx ) and i’m so excited but something at the back of my mind is telling me Friday is not going to bring good news and once again life ( thats nearly normal ) will be turned upside down again.

No one knows I have had a bone scan except my husband. Not my mum, my mother in law or my best friends and now i’m thinking I should have told them. I didn’t want to worry people but am now thinking if it is a bad result it will be harder for them to take.

Sorry to go on, had to get that off my chest.

Thanks all, BIG HUGS

Mandy xxx

Hi Mandy,

I am not sure any insights are really going to help you. I think if all of us here with bone mets reply to you - you will get as many different answers as posters
I was diagnosed with extensive bone mets to my skull, collarbone, ribs, all areas of spine, pelvis and hip back in 2002. I had almost no warning that this was going on in my body until a really bad bout of sciatica - which we all know can happen to anyone and not be bc related. That seemed to ring alarm bells with my onc as i had many lymph nodes in my chest, collarbone and neck that were swollen. Apart from the first 3 months while undergoing treatment for the bone mets (infusions of pamidronate) i have had very little pain since then. Of course I have to be reasonably careful that I don’t overdo things because the risk of fractures is high. But so far so good. I hope your fears are unfounded and that once bone mets is eliminated they can find what is the cause of your pain and help you to control it well. The effects of rads can go on for quite a while… Good luck for your results on Friday and with the new job


Hi Mandy
welcome to the forum sorry you have to join us but we are a friendly and helpful group.
I have had bone mets and liver mets for four years it is only in the past six months that the bone mets have been painful. I have had various areas blasted with radio therapy and this has done the trick i.e. no pain I had my first bisphosphonate last Friday and all is well. Side effects can be like flu but I have been o.k.
What you need to always remember we are all different and respond to our treatments differently. Some of the ladies have had bone mets controlled for nearly twenty years and are climbing bloody big hills so please dont panic. T he hardest part is the waiting. You will gets lots of replies soon and I hope they put your mind at rest.

Love Debsxxx

Hi Mandy

I was dx with bone mets in May 2006, I didn’t have any pain the only thing that kept worrying me was a lump on my rib, I went to docs, I then had an ultra sound which didn’t show anything but unfortunately when I discovered I had liver mets, the circle of tests and scans showed mets in my spine, pelvis and rib. I now have monthly infusion of Zometa which strengthens the bones and also chemo for the liver.

I hope it is nothing to worry about in your case we all worry about aches and pains and think automatically that its something more serious, at least your onc is on the ball and you had the scan to rule anything untoward out.

All the best for your results on Friday and fingers crossed you will be able to take the new job.

Beli x

Your symptoms are exactly the same as mine. I was diagnosed last year too! My lower back pain has been treated with physio and I got bouts of sciatica. Completely different has been my rib pain and swelling since feb. I was convinced it was mets too but my tests all came back negative even my bone scan. I’m convinced it’s to do with the rads that finished in october. I had no lymph nodes involved too. I pray that your results will be good too, let us know!
Love Julie XXX