Bone mets?

Hi all,

I am 4 years post diagnosis (13mm grade 2 lump and 4 lymph nodes infected) and finished treatment in September 2008 - had 3 FEC, 3 Tax, 25 radio and 18 Herceptin. I’m still on Tamoxifen.

Over the past few months I have had pain on and off in a couple of places to the bottom of my ribs , on both sides, sometimes it also feels tender to touch. The pain feels like a deep stitch. Over the past week I have had the same stitch like pain on the ribs/chest behind where I had my mastectomy. Coupled with this I have had a painful neck/shoulder on the other side for about 6 weeks - it got a little better last week but has now gone back to the level it was before. My GP thought the neck pain was muscular in origin when I went to her a couple of weeks ago - as I felt like a hypochondriac I didnt mention the rib discomfort!

I am off to see my Onc at the end of May and am thinking that if I still have the pain I should perhaps ask her about it, however, I don’t want to look like I am stressing over nothing!

Any advice would be great - thanks


Hi Polly,

My dx and treatment is very similar to yours, dx Feb 2007, also I had an LD recon last year. I too have been getting rib pain, although I am convincing myself it is more muscular than anything. The description of it being like a deep stitch is spot on. I get it on and off, on both sides (tho’ only in one place at a time). I am due my four year check up next month and have been putting off asking about it till then

Do get it checked out - it may well be nothing, but you need to be sure. As you have pain in several areas, be insistent and ask for a bone scan to reassure yourself.
finty xx

Hi Roadrunner,

Yes, I remember your name from the discussion boards! I think you were into running, as am I, or at least I am still trying!

It does sound like we are experiencing something very similar - do you still run or work out? Could it be connected with that?

Polly xx

Hi Finty,

thanks for that… if it’s still ongoing then I will definitely mention it - she’s lovely actually and never makes me feel like a hypochondriac - unlike my GP :frowning:

Polly xx


Yes I do still run. Actually I am currently doing some exercises to improve my posture to help with knee pain, so it is always possible it is down to that. It’s so difficult to know what to attribute aches and pains to!

Back in 2009 I decided my long term aim was to run the London marathon in 2012 and I’m still hoping to do that, although all these reconstruction operations keep getting in the way.

Hi Roadrunner,

I did the London Marathon in 2005 and it was the best thing I have every done! I am 50 in 2013 and am thinking about maybe aiming to do it again then although it’s so difficult to get into it!

Take care and keep running

Polly x

Polly I always felt it best to mention odd pains to my onc when they occurred so that they could record it. I don’t trust my memory LOL. Trouble is with this disease so many bits of it start with just odd pains and it is so hard not to feel a hypochondriac isn’t it!


Hi Dawn,

Thanks for your response, I am just the same, terrible memory these days - I blame the Tamoxifen! I will mention the pains when I go and maybe my onc will have some record of previous complaints! (Im sure she will!)

Polly xx