Bone now tiny liver secondaries support and advice needed X

I have just found out today I have a few tiny specks on my liver, also have secondaries on 2 vertebrae.
Start oral chemo Wednesday, something beginning with C.
Probably sound really stupid but I am in a daze, I feel and look so well.
Just need people’s experience and advice.
Go back to see onc tomorrow with any questions
Thanks Mandy


I am very sorry to read of your news. It is weird how you can look and feel well and yet have cancer, isn’t it?! I am still trying to come to terms with that!!

I can’t help with regards to bone mets, but I did have mets on my liver.
They were rendered inactive by chemo and Herceptin but then destroyed by radio frequency ablation (RFA). A probe is inserted in the liver in the middle of the tumour and a heat source is turned on. In simple terms I think it is akin to microwaving the tumours. I had a general anaesthetic but I understand that sometimes the procedure can be carried out under local anaesthetic. You might like to ask if this procedure would help you, perhaps?

I do hope that everything goes well for you.

Verity x

Hi Mandy

Sorry you have found yourself here but welcome.

The oral chemo you are having is probably Capcitebine (Xeloda) and you can read about other’s experiences with it here:

I’m sure that all of us on the SBC threads know that dazed feeling well and it is a real shock, especially when, as you say, you look and feel so well! i have multiple mets - bone, lung, liver, lymph diagnosed last June after a routine mammogram (no lumps or symptoms). I had FEC x3 followed by TAX x3 and have been on Tamoxifen since last December. Am “mostly stable” and have my next scan, next week (generally every 3 months).

The best advice I can give is firstly don’t Google anything to do with stats and SBC. Be well informed and ask questions. The relationship with your onc and team is so important and you really need to feel confident in them. If you feel you need a second opinion, ask for one.

Most important of all, live in the present and take each days as it comes. Second guessing what might happen / when things might happen will drive you mad! Having SBC can quickly take over your head space and it’s important to learn how to take a break from it all, otherwise you may end up living your life in fear.

Give yourself some time to adjust. The first few weeks are the worst while you are getting your head around it all, but honestly, things do get better and you will find a way of coping. Please feel free to PM me if you want to chat.

Good luck with your appointment - helps to take someone along or failing that, write things down.

Laurie x

Thank you both for your support and advice
Laurie I have sent you a pm
Have had a good cry this morning with my husband
Feel a little less dazed
Hopefully will get some more advice

Just want to say how sorry I am to read about your progression. I had progression to my spine recently, and although it was not totally unexpected (as I was experiencing severe pain), it was still very frightening, and worrying.
Hopefully, once you get treatment under way you will start to feel more in control - but in the meantime look after yourself.
PS are you at Charing Cross Hospital?

Hi Everyone
Finding this new format confusing which is nothing new for me LOL
Have done 5 days of cape and so far so good, feel fine.
Off to see onc tomorrow, just to check how I am doing
Hope you are all well and enjoying the bank holiday