Bone pain and tooth pain

Hi there  everyone I am looking for any information for my daughter Kelly she had Chemo a few years ago and since has developed horrible bone pain and one tooth hurts her all the time the bone pain, Doctors told her could be caused by nerves they simply do not know and the tooth has  been checked by he Dentist and he said the tooth and nerve seem to be fine and he is resisting pulling it because he said the pain may still be there after, that it may not be the tooth itself and I have read your messages and yes  her Doctors did not tell her that any of this could happen and they still to this day are not honest with her at Kaiser,she is in hart breaking pain for me to see,if anyone has had any experience with either of these problems please reply I am desperate to help her get some relief she also cannot take pain meds for either of these problems as the Chemo has left her tummy not able to take pain meds when she try’s she gets even sicker thank you for any reply any reply Thomas

Hi Thomas,

Sorry no-one has replied to you yet - the forum has recnetly had a substantial revamp (for the good) and we are still adjusting to it.


Quite a lot of ladies seem to have tooth problems after chemo - and I have one that sounds not too different from your daughters, though nowhere near as bad.  I had hte filling rpelaced (and of course it was painfree when he puffed air into the cavity) but it still hurts from time to time, so i will be mentioning it when I go back.


I can’t help with the bone pain question - can the doctor not find any form of pain relief she can tolerate?  Sometimes you have to be very persistent with doctors.


One thought though, is you could phone the BCC helpline and see what they suggest - they are ery knowledgeable and helpful.  The phone number is 0808 800 6000



I’m going to throw this idea in and it could be going totally in the wrong direction but anyway a few years back about 5 years after having chemo, I starting getting problems with my teeth on one side,   I was getting major tooth ache, earache etc and in desperation I even rung up NHS Direct who were helpful as it was over a Bank Holiday, I didn’t know where to put myself it was so awful.  

I went to the dentist in tears on this particular occasion and he xrayed and checked it out, found nothing but he did suggest that I could be grinding my teeth at night. Anyway I was given a gum shield to put over my bottom teeth and I haven’t had any problems since.  My husband didn’t say he had heard me grinding but on a couple of occasions I was waking up during the night with a headache which could have been brought on by my tooth grinding.


I hope your daughter is able to get something to get rid of the pain soon.